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Morgan Nebeker asked 4 years ago

I clicked on the 2 links:
Extra SQL Practice: Lorenzo Shipping
Even more practice: https://data.world/jamesgaskin/movies
But couldn’t find any instructions to follow to practice writing SQL statements. Am I missing something there? I could use the extra practice but just a simple set of data doesn’t really help me.

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Dallin Fairbanks answered 4 years ago

Great question!  To me, it looks like there aren’t any practice instruction available with those databases either, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them to practice. A great way to get more familiar with SQL would be to think about what you would like to see from the datasets and write your own queries without a prompt.

Not only will coming up with your own “prompts” give you more practice writing SQL queries, but it will help you become more familiar with how to look at a database and understand what kinds of queries you could pull from them. It would be great practice!
If you want a little guidance to get started, you can add yourself to the TA Help Queue. We would love to help get you set up and give you a couple ideas.

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