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Cody asked 2 years ago

Hello, I have all of the query ready except for the last part. When I use the AND creditdescription= ‘Very Poor’ it will show up. But if I add AND creditdescription = ‘Extrmely Poor’, it does not give me both, it just says 0 results. I am confused as to how to have poor, very poor, and extremely poor show.

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Shayna answered 2 years ago

The function AND means that the query or what you’re trying to find out needs to meet several parameters. By adding that a customer should have “Very Poor” AND “Extremely Poor,” the query is trying to find a customer that meets both a “Very Poor” and “Extremely Poor” condition. For an either/or condition, meaning either “Very Poor” or “Extremely Poor,” we could use the function OR instead. 
If that doesn’t help, please email one of the TAs or join the help queue. We want to help you!

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