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Kendal Pope asked 3 years ago

I just had a quick question about number 5 on quiz 2.6. On the charity my educator, it has different categories for the best processor but I do not know if they all contribute to the speed. Is clock speed the only thing that determines the processor speed or does it also include the number of cores/threads and clock size? I know it is a simple question, but the wording in the text was confusing for me. 

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Maura answered 3 years ago

You can find the correct answer to #5 in 2.3, the second paragraph under \\\”Central Processing Units (CPUs).\\\” It says, \\\”All else equal, the faster the clock speed, the faster the CPU will perform. But because other factors like the amount of cache, RAM, and heat as well as the number of CPU cores limit computer performance and impact computing speed, increasing the clock speed a certain percentage does not mean that computer performance will increase by that same percentage.\\\” Meaning, clock speed has a significant impact on the processor\\\’s computing speed, but the other factors listed above also have an influence on the speed.

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