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JT (Jacob) Gray asked 2 years ago

Hi. I had two questions about what I missed from the recent IS 201 quiz. First, was the last question about the Cloud referring to storing information on any computers in general? I figured it was talking about the person using the cloud because it used the word “your” at the beginning of the question.
Also, for the fourth question about VPNs, I’m still having a hard time figuring out what the correct answer is even with the feedback. Could you explain that to me?
Thank you.

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Maura answered 2 years ago

The key term in question 9 is “never actually gets stored on a computer.” 
The question is talking about how any information is stored in the cloud, including your own. The concept should not vary depending on the user. In MyEducator 2.5, we learn that “cloud” is a fancy name for just a server, a computer that stores your information and sends it to other computers when you request it via Dropbox. 
In MyEducator 2.5, it says, “A VPN allows a connection between two computers over the Internet that employs encryption in order to prevent unauthorized access to the data being shared.” In other words, a VPN uses a public telecommunication infrastructure (the internet) by encrypting, or securing, an organization’s network information. 

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