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Veterans Disability Lawyers

If a veteran living in New York has a problem with their VA disability rating, they might want to engage an attorney. The law currently prohibits lawyers from charging fees for claims that are not yet filed however, they are able to charge for help with an appeal.

A VA disability lawyer with years of experience will be familiar with the various types of hearings part of the veterans’ appeals process. Hearings are held by the Board of veterans disability litigation disability compensation; More methods,’ Appeals, the Decision Review Officer and the Court of Appeals for veterans disability case Claims.


A veterans disability lawyer focuses on representing clients with disabilities that stem from military service. They will go through your medical records in order to determine your eligibility for benefits. This includes an allowance per month that is tax-free to pay for healthcare and compensation. The amount of your benefits is determined by the disability rating. Other circumstances could allow you to receive additional benefits. These benefits may include additional compensation for a particular disability or “aid and attendance” for your spouse in the case of disabled veterans who require assistance with daily activities.

The VA is a massive bureaucracy. It can be confusing to navigate through the process, particularly when deciding on what injuries to claim, how to file an appeal or what to include in your application. Having a VA-certified disability attorney to assist with the process helps make it less stressful and more efficient. They are able to handle all communication with the VA and provide legal assistance throughout the entire process of your claim.

Look for a veteran’s disability lawyer in New York who is VA-accredited and has been practicing law for veterans disability claim for a period of time. Also, make sure they have a good reputation in the local area and are in good standing with their New York bar association. In addition, if appealing your VA disability denial or low rating decision to the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (CAVC) in New York, you’ll require an attorney who is legally licensed to practice before that court.


Veterans who have been injured or ill-advised due to their military service may be eligible for tax free disability benefits. The process is often complicated and confusing, so it’s crucial to partner with a knowledgeable New Jersey veterans disability attorney who is knowledgeable of VA laws. A competent lawyer will help you navigate the process, assist you in compiling and collect all necessary documents and ensure that they are submitted on schedule.

An experienced veteran disability lawyer can also help you understand the potential benefits of your case. The amount of the benefits you receive depends on the severity of your injury or illness and how it affects your daily routine. You could be qualified for Special Monthly Compensation (SMC), which is a higher-rate disability payment in certain circumstances. For example in cases where your condition hinders your mobility or requires ongoing assistance from others. You may also be eligible for TDIU. This is a higher rate disability that is paid out if you are unable to work at a decent level because of your service-related condition.

A veteran’s disability lawyer can also inform you if you’re eligible for Social Security Disability benefits in addition to your VA benefits. A lawyer can help to navigate through three options for review in the event that your VA claim is denied, such as asking for a higher-level ruling or submitting an appeal to the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, Washington, DC.


Prior veterans disability compensation to 2007, veterans were permitted to hire an attorney only after they had received an unsatisfactory decision from the VA that they weren’t happy with (either the denial or less than fully favorable Rating Decision). You can now employ an experienced NYC veteran lawyer for disability claims as soon as you get a negative rating decision.

A good lawyer for disability will be able explain your options, like a Board Appeal or a Higher-Level Review or Supplemental Claim. Avoid lawyers who do not specialize in veterans disability law, or take on only a few cases.

VA regulations permit attorneys to receive up to 20% of the retroactive award or benefit that they receive on behalf of you. Generally this amount is paid directly to the attorney by the VA. You and your attorney should negotiate the fee arrangement prior to you sign any kind of agreement.

Your lawyer is competent to assist you with obtaining documents and records from the VA and your doctor, hospitals, or employers. Your attorney will also likely recommend obtaining a Medical Examiner and a Vocational Expert to help with your case. Payment for these experts isn’t a part of the fees of your attorney, but you should consider whether the cost of their services is worth it. Your attorney shouldn’t make you feel that you are obligated to pay for these experts unless you’re an armed forces veteran with a low income.


A veteran disability lawyer can assist you in appealing the decision of the Department of Veterans Affairs. There are three kinds of appeals: Supplemental Claim, a Higher-Level Review or a Board Appeal. Your attorney can help you decide which type of appeal to choose and help you gather the evidence you must present.

There are strict deadlines for filing VA disability claims at various stages. Any mistake could result in the denial. A Morgan & Morgan veterans’ disability lawyer will take the burden off your shoulders, assisting you to collect medical records and documents, and write an effective argument for approval and ensure that all forms are completed correctly.

The process of appealing an appeal to the VA can be lengthy and complicated. An experienced New York veteran disability lawyer can assist you through the entire procedure and include an in-person hearing before an Veterans Law Judge. This is the last step in the appeals process. It can result in an adjustment to your disability score, which will determine how much disability compensation you will receive.

If you’re not satisfied with the outcome of your claim after hearing, you are able to appeal to the Board of Veterans Appeals in Washington, D.C. This is an intensive appeals process and you must apply for it within one year from the date of your Ratings Decision.

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