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Types of Door Locks

There are a variety of uPVC door locks, and they are all designed to keep your uPVC door safe. Some are multi-point locks incorporating various hooks and bolts that work in tandem to keep your door weatherproof and secure.

ANSI Grade 1 locks offer the highest level of security, and are extremely difficult to pick or bump. They also have anti-drilling features.


There are different types of keys that offer different degrees of security. There are levers, knob locks and deadbolts. A knob lock is an locking mechanism that makes use of a lever to secure the door. These locks are simple to identify and are often found on file cabinets. A deadbolt is a bolt that is fixed to the door’s frame that is only opened with a key. These kinds of locks are typically found in commercial buildings and residences.

Keyed cylinder locks are a different kind of lock that can be secured with the use of a key. These locks are popular on uPVC door and operate similar to a handle lock. They have more strength and provide greater protection. They are available in various sizes and can be used double glazing repair in epsom glazing in epsom ( conjunction with other locking mechanisms. They can be locked using the use of a key or a thumb turn inside the door.

The first locks were created by Jeremiah Bramah in the early 18th century and later improved by his brother Charles Chubb. Both inventors developed key designs that made locks more difficult to pick. They also added a disc that hid the levers from view and minimized the possibility of them being discovered by prying tools.

Our London locksmiths are able to unlock, repair or replace Ingersoll or Banham locks at your office or home in Epsom KT19. These are high quality locks that meet British security standards and are recognized by insurance companies. They are available in a broad range of sizes and [Redirect-Java] can be keyed alike or masterkeyed. We can also repair or replace window locks that are been damaged or aren’t locking properly.


There are a variety of different kinds of locks to choose from that offer different levels of security. Certain locks are made of plastic, while others use more durable materials, such as brass or aluminum. Some locks are also manufactured with keys that are reserved, which restricts access to the lock. These locks are typically utilized by government agencies as well as larger businesses.

If you’re seeking a lock with a high security or a less expensive choice, there is bound to be the right lock for your needs. If your lock for your door is sticking, it may be due to insufficient lubrication. You can use a pencil (which has graphite powder in it) or a Teflon lubricant. If these methods fail to solve the issue you should contact a licensed locksmith.

While the majority of the modern uPVC doors have a multipoint locking mechanism, there are many enhanced security timber and composite doors that use the traditional rim-nightlatch and the mortice lock BS3621. These locks are usually paired by hook bolts or compression bolts.

Cylinders are situated in the middle of the majority of knobs, levers, and lower-cost deadbolts. They are available in a variety of sizes, and they typically come with two types of tails at the rear. The floating tail permits the tailpiece to rotate in a specific amount without the cylinder rotating, while the fixed tail blocks this from occurring.

A variety of different sizes key knob cylinders of various sizes are available from top manufacturers such as Winkhaus, KFV, Avocet, Yale, and GU Ferco. They can be purchased and keyed together or in a different way and are often sold with a thumbturn. This type of lock is typically used for sliding glass doors and in European applications.


If a lock is damaged or broken it can be a security risk to your home and business. Our Epsom locksmith services can repair your door locks or replace them with new ones if necessary. We can even help you upgrade your locks to a higher level of security. This will not only give you peace of mind, it could also save you money over the long run on your insurance cost.

Our London lock specialists are able to unlock, repair or replace Ingersoll locks that are faulty at your home or business in Epsom KT19. Ingersoll is a high quality, trusted brand that produces an array of security solutions for homes and businesses in London. These locks are well-known for their high standards of security and have been accepted by the emergency services and most insurance companies in the UK.

We can also replace or repair broken replacement windows epsom and doors in your home or office in Epsom KT19 or any other location in Kingston. Our highly trained locksmiths and glaziers will work with any uPVC or composite windows and doors. If you require a boarding up service or simply a simple repair to your window installation services epsom locks, we will assist you with our rapid response service in Epsom and throughout the Kingston region.

If you are moving into a new house in Epsom, you should consider changing the locks to protect yourself. Our locksmiths are experienced and can change your locks to make sure you feel secure in your new home. We will make sure that your old locks are in good condition and replace them with new ones, causing no disruption to your family or colleagues.

Our team of experts can install and supply any type of new uPVC and wooden doors throughout Epsom and Ewell. The doors are available in various styles and colours that will complement your home. If you require we can also put in new door frames for you.

We can install any kind of hardware for your door or window including multipoint locking systems that are compliant with current British security standards. These locking systems incorporate various hooks, rollers and bolts that are all in sync to ensure your door is secure and weatherproof.


Think about replacing your locks if you’ve become the victim of a break-in or if you are concerned that they are at risk of being attacked. A new lock can improve the appearance of your home or office and enhance its security. We can install a variety of door and window locks to meet your requirements. We also offer urgent repairs to damaged or malfunctioning window and door mechanisms. We can even replace your entire door if it’s beyond repair.

Our locksmiths in Epsom and Ewell are fully trained to provide a wide range of door and locks services for homes and business across Surrey. We have years of knowledge in the field and are well-equipped to tackle any job regardless of how big or small. We can also upgrade your UPVC doors and windows to improve the security of your property. If you’re looking for a top-quality, affordable solution get in touch with us today.

We offer and install a wide range of UPVC windows and doors. Our experienced team of local locksmiths can help you determine the right type for your home and requirements. We can even make repairs to existing UPVC doors and windows including fixing any issues with hinges or handles. We will try to cause the least amount of disruption to your office or home and give you an honest opinion on the best options.

UPVC is a popular material, for both residential and commercial properties. It is tough, durable and comes in a variety colours and finishes. It’s also simple to maintain. It’s a great choice for those who want the ease of modern living, yet enjoy the traditional style of traditional timber windows and doors.

One of the most notable features of UPVC is its energy efficiency. This makes UPVC a great choice for people who work or live in colder climates. UPVC can also cut down on the amount of sound and light that can enter your home or business.

UPVC is a very versatile material that can be used to make windows, doors, and even roofs. Our team of experienced local locksmiths can install UPVC windows and doors according to your specifications anywhere within Epsom and the surrounding areas. We can also upgrade your UPVC windows and doors to meet the most recent British security standards.

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