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Scribble Writing - Light Painting Free Stock Photo - Public Domain PicturesTencent, China’s largest social media and video games company, last year put China Literature and two other firms in its content stable, New Classic Media and dooujin Tencent Pictures, under one management as part of an integrated film and TV production strategy.

Chen said China Literature decided to seize on the overseas market when it realised there were voluntary translations of novels from its Chinese platform, such as “Qing Yu Nian”, a popular ancient romance.

“We are very clear of the long-term hope we have for the overseas market, which is to transplant the strategy proven successful in China to the new market, to build a content eco-system where we could build on our IP,” said Chen.

March 31 (Reuters) – Tencent’s e-book spinoff China Literature is looking to grow its North American business as it seeks to tap surging demand for content outside its home market, a senior executive told Reuters.

“Similar to what we have been doing in China, we are seeing users who like our content turning to be writers on our platform,” Sandra Chen, China Literature’s head of international business, told Reuters in an interview.

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