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Adelaida Westover asked 3 months ago

If you plan to make use of the file for any purpose other than this, please do not use this part, however the one labelled “other type of non-free work” under. There will not be more non-free material used than essential. Title the license or describe the general public domain status, adding any necessary evidence to make the licensing status verifiable. It was first revealed in the US before 1989, and its copyright expired because it was revealed and not using a copyright discover and/or without the needed copyright registration.

It was created and first revealed before 1928 and is therefore in the Public Domain in the US. Thank you for providing to contribute an image or other media file for use on Wikipedia. It is a copyrighted work whose use does not fall into any of the classes above. Installing air conditioners in their homes, locations of labor and so forth. It’ll assist curb this problem. This file doesn’t match both of the classes above. Please verify the spelling, and make sure you enter the name of an current article in which you will include this file.

It’s no downside to make use of a reasonably lengthy name. Maintaining the temperature at optimum levels solves this drawback. The commodity can regulate the temperature to your personal calls for. I can demonstrate that this work is legally in the general public Area, i.e. no person owns any copyrights on it. Test here to see if you are logged in. That is not for photos you simply found somewhere on the internet.

It does not mean simply that it’s freely viewable somewhere on the web or that it has been broadly utilized by others. Please note that by “solely self-made” we actually mean just that. Note that media is assumed to be totally-copyrighted unless shown in any other case; the burden is on the uploader. This image will be shown as a major means of visual identification at the top of the article devoted to the particular person in query. This will not be saved on the description page, however will be shown in its edit historical past.

The old description web page, including the source and copyright data, will nonetheless be correct for the new version and can remain the same. Yes, I wish to overwrite the existing file, and I will use this wizard to add a brand new description and new source info for it. This will be saved and displayed as part of the file description page. I’ve learn the Wikipedia guidelines on Non-free content, and I’ll explain how this file meets all of the criteria set out there.

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