cindi asked 3 years ago

If the query instructions doesn’t specifically ask for no duplicates is it okay if I have duplicate query results? Because for one of the questions it asks for the number of query results but there’s one duplicate so I’m not sure if I should change my code to eliminate the duplicates or if the duplicates are fine

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Shayna answered 3 years ago

The answer depends on the question. If the question is asking for a list of customers, we don’t want to have any duplicates of customers, since lists usually don’t have duplicated records. If the question is asking for a list of encounters, having duplicated customers is fine, but we don’t want any duplicated encounters. 
Your SQL queries themselves aren’t graded, so if you feel like you don’t need to change your code to accommodate the duplicates, that’s fine, but if you get your answer wrong and want to get points back (and you think you’re right), you should change your query to accommodate for duplicates.

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