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David Murdock asked 3 years ago

Hi, I’m working on the web development project and I came across the part that says:

  • There must be a résumé (either on the About Me page or index page or as a separate HTML file – not a pdf) with at least three sections (education, work experience, skills).  I organized my website into the Education, Experience, and Skills tabs (along with index, Contact, and About me).

Does this mean that I also need a section entiteled “Resume” and have a resume on one of those pages, or does what I already have work still?

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Jordan Mack answered 3 years ago

You can do either one page of all sections or 3 separate html pages. I like to keep it as one to make it easier for the unordered list and ordered list requirements though. Up to you on how to be creative there.

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