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Micheline Willoughby asked 7 months ago

Adrionika Consultancy is a marketplace inspired by impeccable beauty of Croatia and unique spirit of freedom deriving from the Adriatic Sea infinity.
Located in the very center of Europe, just a few hours drive from Munich, Vienna or Milano, Croatia retained traditional philosophy of its forefathers and environment of pre-industrial era, rare to find in the present Europe. Croatia was newly discovered as a dream-country by Adrionika team and EU investors in 1997. A few years later we started to deal with properties in Croatia professionally, so that now we benefit more than 20 years’ experience of handling Croatian real estate and promoting it worldwide.
We are developing arm-in-arm with Croatia itself, which has steadily joined EU, abolished EU border, introduced EURO as a currency, built one of the best roads in Europe and was recognized as one of EU top locations for investment. Multicultural ambience and individual approach towards real estate consultancy brought to us thousands of customers from Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary we well as from overseas destinations like Hong Kong, South Africa, United States, Kazakhstan and many other parts of the world.
We also helped many people of Croatian origin, who happened to be born and live in the UK, Australia or Argentina, to move back and find a new home here, in their mother country. Ambitious goal to have country-wide coverage coupled with our efforts to provide the best achievable level of service have become the key factors of our success.
We are unlimited in typology of properties for sale and will be happy to locate for You any sell apartment, house, villa, plot of land, hotel, marina, senior house, construction project, facility for renovation or commercial space.
Our multi-language team is comprised of professionals in the real estate market, international law, tax advisory, civil engineering and construction, ready to share their knowledge and experience.
Every day of ours is dedicated to the new investigations of property market from Umag to Dubrovnik in order to find a Dream Home for You.

We are a team of international real estate specialists able to locate any property for you in
But Croatia is our favourite destination.

In Croatia we are represented by liscenced real estate agents in

Our partners
Advocate bureau for legal support – Ivan Krokar legal office. Ivan Krokar dipl.iur. Mile Sorić dipl.iur.
Banking solutions – Kovanica banka, Splitska banka, Raiffeisen, Sberbank
International grants, subsidies mediation with EU funds – Euroconsulting company
Bookkeeping support – Zbirka d.o.o.- računovodstvo, financije, savjetovanje – Sanja Mladinić, CEO
Surveying, geodetics – Geodezija d.o.o. geodetski poslovi -Toni Tadin
Architect support – HEROS d.o.o. Split
Construction company – KAM d.o.o. Split
Design studio of Danijela Pažanin Krokar dipl.oecc. and Ana Perišin Stipoljev
Rental solutions – HEROS plus d.o.o. Split
Management company – HEROS plus d.o.o. Split
In 2016 we were mentioned by NY Times as one of the expert agencies in Croatian real estate market. See NY Times article.

Just call us at: +385 91 357 3071 (Viber, Whatsapp)
Or write to us at:

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