PJ Land

Charissa Grubbs asked 4 months ago

PJ Land
PJ land with Office Warehouse, 3 Storey Office with Lift and Double storey Warehouse, Very Strategic booming location with very high potential for rebuilding, most part have been redevelop either with Mix Developments or Condominium with convenience, ample amenities nearby like shopping mall, eateries, bank, college, hospital, offices, LRT Station and many more. Land Area 66,676sf and built up 65,600sf, leasehold. Selling RM65M, Negotiable

Good to buy
Land are scarcely available since most part especially main road frontage already been develop and is moving toward the inner circle which are also limited.

Land price will continue to increase especially in this area since it is limited and good for redevelopment for condominium or office tower or mix as demand continue to flow in.

A definite good piece of pj land for re-developments or investment.

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