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The Scottish and Welsh governments both stated they would introduce bans, either with legislation in their own parliaments or by supporting UK-large measures. During public conferences held in Cincinnati, Ohio (July 22-23, 1996), a number of groups agreed to develop a series of paperwork that (1) describe the extent of asphalt publicity through the manufacturing of asphalt roofing products and through asphalt roofing operations, and (2) provide details about measures to scale back exposures.

This document identifies work practices and other management measures that, when out there, could also be effective in reducing worker exposures to asphalt fumes in the course of the manufacture of asphalt roofing products. Such temperature control additionally prevents thermal cracking of the chemical constituents of the asphalt. The doc describes the manufacturing course of, identifies steps in the method with the potential for asphalt fume exposure, and identifies current engineering management strategies and work practices used to scale back exposures.

These same observations do not permit conclusions regarding the content of that fume. These observations lead to the conclusion that the air-blown asphalt will produce fume at a slower rate than its precursor when heated to the same temperature. The ultimate steps within the production of asphalt roofing shingles and roll roofing are the end or cooling looper (which is basically the same course of used for saturated felts), followed by cutting and packaging. The six main production assist operations are as follows: (1) air blowing, (2) supply, in-plant transfer, and storage of hot asphalt, (3) back surfacing and granule storage, (4) filler storage, (5) filler heating, and (6) filler and coating asphalt mixing.

Figure 3-3. Typical flow diagram for the production of saturant asphalt felt. As proven in Figure 3-5, the manufacture of fiberglass roofing merchandise begins (as do organic felts) with the feeding of the mat by way of a dry looper and then it proceeds to a coater.

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