Midterm 2

Aaron Hardy asked 3 years ago

Are we going to have to know how to execute joins other than INNER JOIN for the midterm? 

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Cory Anderson answered 3 years ago

Aaron, heres what i can tell you about this exam and kind of a piece of advice for all exams:

  1.  Anything in the textbook is free game for the test, which is why they are open book.
  2. That being said, many of the class units are structures with a project first, then an assessment. You should expect the exam to be very similar to the project. The only difference is the addition of a time limit, which often means the exam will be slightly easier to accommodate for time crunches.

Both of those basically mean, study up on other joins to be safe but there were only INNER JOINS on the project so expect the exam to be similar.

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