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Renault Key Card Replacement Cost

Renault key cards come with multi-purpose buttons that can be used to control a range of functions, such as locking and activating lights as well as horns. They can also be used to set the alarm for your car. These buttons are extremely useful, but can also be frustrating when they stop working.

First designed by Renault 20 years ago, the hands-free card has gone through a lot. Here’s how it changed the way we use cars.

How does it work

When the Renault hands-free card was first launched it was considered to be an excellent accessory that would allow drivers to unlock their car without having to pull the key out of the ignition or reach for their key chain. But over the years Renault have been constantly working to make this feature even more effective and user friendly.

The hands-free key card, a practical alternative for keys with remotes or a key fob, first introduced in 2001 as a part of the Laguna II saloon. Renault designers were influenced by this idea when a product manager witnessed the hotel guest use the card to open and close the door using their room key. The resultant hands-free card was so popular that it was soon added to three Renault vehicles including the Espace and Vel Satis minivans.

If you’ve ever tried a Renault card key to start your vehicle and the buttons do not work, it could be that the card has internal faults. This is a frequent issue that can develop over time because of constant use and the constant pressure that is put on the tiny circuitry inside the card.

UK Auto Keys R Us Locksmiths maintain a range of Renault keys and cards in stock. They will often cut and program a brand new one on the same day when they receive your phone call. This is much better than going back to the dealership, which will likely involve waiting for weeks until your new key arrives from France.


Renault key cards let you to control the vehicle’s functions without having to touch anything. They can unlock doors, activate the lights and horn to draw attention, or even set off an alarm if you want to deter thieves. They can also set limits on the speed and volume of audio systems, and other safety measures.

The hands-free card was designed by Renault in 1998 and has been a huge hit with consumers around the globe. This tiny item that is just a little bigger than a standard credit card, was initially thought of as a gadget that could be used by 007 but has now revolutionized the way people drive and improved comfort levels.

The hands-free card has become one of the most used car accessories. Its popularity isn’t waning and it’s expected to be included in two of the three Renault vehicles by 2021. In the near future it could replace smartphones.

Renault key cards can develop problems like not being recognised when inserted into the reader or displaying messages that read “insert card” or “card not detected”. Locksmiths can fix these issues. This is because a keycard must be programmed to a specific car and can only do this once. Locksmiths can replace your Renault key card for only a fraction of the cost of dealerships.


Renault key cards are unique in their look and feel. They work the same as a chipped keys, but with a major difference: they can start and unlock the car without opening the door lock. They can do this because they are equipped with a transponder chip in the inside that sends a signal the immobiliser system and allows it to start the engine.

These key cards can be a hassle to lose. Fortunately for the majority of people, they can be replaced at just a fraction of the price that dealerships charge. A professional locksmith can assist you with this and also repair any issues with your Renault key card.

Many people believe that the only way to replace a lost Renault keycard is to go to the local dealer and Auto Keys R Us purchase one. This can be a lengthy process that could stop you from driving for the day or several days while waiting for the key to arrive. However a professional auto locksmith will be able to do this for you. They can replace your lost Renault key card in the same day you lose it. This will save you a lot of time and money. They’ll also be able repair any issues you have associated with your Renault key card, including damaged or cracked boards inside the card.


Renault key cards allow drivers to turn on the car alarm, ignition and other systems without physically touching the vehicle. They can also automatically lock the doors, turn on the lights and even activate the horn to draw attention. This feature comes at an expense: if you lose the Renault key card, it’ll cost you a significant amount to replace.

The hiring of a locksmith is among the most effective ways to get an alternative Renault card at a cheaper cost. They have the tools and expertise to create the replacement key card for Renault in Dublin at just a fraction of what would spend at a dealership. However, it is essential to examine prices to ensure you’re getting the best price.

There are a number of issues that could cause your Renault key card to cease to function. A message that says “insert card” or “card not detectable” is a frequent issue. These problems are usually caused by a damaged chip in the key card. The chip can be repaired however, it’s costly and it may not always function.

It is recommended to replace your key card as fast as you can without delay, unless you have a spare Renault. If you hold off for too long, you may be unable to start your car at all.

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