How Much Can Birth Defect Lawyer Experts Earn?

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Birth Defect Litigation

Parents who discover that their child is born with a defect could be faced with costly procedures and requirements that they should not be forced to endure. At LK, our Pittsburgh birth defect lawyers are committed to helping families get justice for their children.

We are aware that exposure to toxic substances prescription drugs, toxic exposures, and medical negligence can cause certain conditions. Learn more about our firm and contact us for a no-cost consultation with a New York birth defect lawyer today.

Medical Malpractice

If the cause is genetic or Birth defect lawyers a result of negligence, birth defects can be traumatic and can cause great grief to a family. If the birth defect or injury was preventable, parents of children who have been injured should consult a birth defect claim defects lawyer to determine if there is a legal claim against the medical professionals responsible.

Everyone believes that doctors and nurses know how to treat ailments, treat illnesses and handle emergencies. But they are human beings and make mistakes, often with tragic consequences. When those mistakes are related to birth and pregnancy they may result in congenital issues that drastically alter the child’s life.

Birth defect cases result from medical negligence typically result from the failure to recognize an illness or condition that could have been cured and treated. These cases are often caused by medications and treatments taken by the mother during pregnancy as well as in the weeks and months prior to delivery.

Other birth defects can be caused by environmental causes. They could be caused by exposure to chemicals or environmental factors as well as the use of certain drugs or medications, and eating poor quality or contaminated food items. Many birth defect lawsuits are based on these issues. They are brought against hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and doctors. These lawsuits are based on the idea that both manufacturers and pharmacists have a duty to inform pregnant women of the risks associated with certain medications and drugs.

Prescription Drugs

A lawsuit could be filed in the event that the child’s birth defect can be traced back to the medication taken by a mother during pregnancy. Birth defects may be caused by genetics or as a result of inadequate prenatal care or exposure to harmful chemicals.

A lawyer can help you determine what medical bills are eligible for compensation, including procedures at the hospital, doctor’s appointments, rehabilitation services and assistive devices. Depending on the severity of the birth defect parents may be entitled to damages for pain and suffering as well.

The pregnancy is a challenging time, and there are a variety of things that can go wrong. Certain of these events can be prevented. Some birth defects are a result of the doctor prescribing a medication that increased the risk of the baby developing a birth defect, or a mistake made during birth. If you suspect your child’s birth defect case defects are due to medical negligence, consult an attorney as soon as you can.

The most dangerous prescription drugs are referred to as teratogens and can cause birth defects in fetuses as well as newborns. Contact a Boston dangerous drugs lawyer immediately if you suspect that your child’s birth defect could be due to exposure to prescription drugs. A legal team with years of experience will help you identify the potential responsible parties and obtain you compensation.

Drug Manufacturers

It may be possible to sue a pharmaceutical company in the event that a pregnant or Birth defect lawyers unborn child suffers from birth defects that affect the body’s function and appearance. The drug manufacturers are accountable for testing their products and advising pregnant women of the dangers. The drug Zofran is an example. It was sold to pregnant women even knowing that the company knew it could cause severe birth defects. In these instances the drug companies are responsible under strict product liability laws.

You should seek the advice of an experienced attorney right away when you suspect that the birth defect of your child was the result of medical negligence during the birth or delivery. If a parent is hesitant in seeking legal action, they may be ineligible to file an action since the statute of limitations has run out.

Birth defects can be caused by environmental factors, genetics, and certain medications that pregnant mothers take during pregnancy. Many of these causes, however, can be prevented. In certain instances, severe birth defect settlement defects can dramatically alter the lifespan of a child. It is vital that parents understand their legal options. If you have any questions about a birth defect lawsuit, speak with an experienced Boston injury lawyer today. You can also fill out a an inquiry form for an attorney to get in touch with you about your case.


A variety of factors can cause birth defects in a variety of ways. Some are genetic, while others are environmental such as a mother’s exposure to prescription and non-prescription drugs (teratogens), or chemicals found in beauty salons paint factories, metal cleaning operations, and even the agriculture industry. In some instances birth defects cause disabilities and require an entire lifetime of costly medical care and other expenses.

While advances in technology have reduced the risk associated with certain medical procedures, medical malpractice may still occur. If a doctor’s negligence caused your child to sustain an injury during birth and you are unable to claim damages, you could be able to seek damages.

If your child has a mental illness that is severe enough to keep him or her from working and is eligible for government disability benefits. However, it is important to consult a top attorney about your situation and the various options for getting the most lucrative settlement.

Your family may be entitled to compensation in addition to medical expenses as well as lost income for suffering and pain. This may include punitive damages and other damages related the birth defect or injury. Our lawyers are aware of the difficulties of these cases and are committed to pursuing justice for your family. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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