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How to Choose the Smallest American Fridge Freezer

American fridge freezers occupy an enormous amount of space, which is why it is important to measure your kitchen carefully to make sure that the freezer will fit. There’s no need to empty the space, or risk damaging other white appliances by hitting it.

Some manufacturers offer slim American fridge freezers that are specifically designed for the UK market. These models measure 70cm in width and feature all the style, technology and storage capacity you’d expect from a fridge.


Choose one of our slim models if you have limited space and are looking to add an American fridge freezer that makes a statement. They are slimmer and have more storage space than standard freestanding appliances. They look great when pushed back against a wall of kitchen cabinets, creating an elegant look.

Take a look at the dimensions carefully to ensure they meet the requirements. Be sure to look at the height of models as well. Some models can go upwards of 180cm, which is a bit high for many homes. You can use our refrigerator sizes guide to assess various models against each other or ask a sales representative at the counter to assist.

It’s important to look at the energy rating of any American refrigerator freezer you are thinking of buying. The ratings are indicated by a letter and range from A to A, with A being most efficient. Choose a model with an energy rating of ‘E’ or better to save money on your energy bills. You might also want to examine the annual running costs per kWh in the product details, as it will give you an accurate estimate of what it will cost to operate your new appliance.


American fridge freezers are huge inside, so you’ll have plenty of room to stash your daily shopping. It is recommended to choose models that can hold up to 700 litres, as this is enough space for most families. There’s typically a separate freezer as well as an automated dispenser, and digital displays let you monitor your energy consumption and ensure that the door is closed properly.

Select a model with two cooling systems to keep the freezer and fridge at different temperatures. This prevents the dry, Fridge Freezer american cold air from the freezer from drying the food that is stored in the refrigerator and helps to stop smells transferring. It can be as much as 10 percent more efficient than single zone appliances, and can reduce your annual electric bill.

Slimline American fridge freezers for smaller spaces are available if you are working with a small kitchen space. The Hisense RQ560N4WCF is a fantastic option, with a low-energy rating of ‘E’ as well as a holiday mode that helps to conserve energy when the fridge isn’t filled. It’s also one of the quietest American fridge freezers that we’ve tested. It can be put into an existing cabinet, making it ideal for kitchens with odd shapes or small spaces. Make sure you measure your cabinets prior to purchasing any white goods to ensure the new fridge freezer large american fridge freezers (Going at Trade Britanica) freezer will fit. Make sure you have enough space for ventilation at the back, sides and the top too.


The beauty of a fridge freezer in the American style is that it can be moved back to fit inside the kitchen for a more streamlined appearance or left standing as an impressive piece. It is crucial to ensure that the new appliance will fit the space, regardless of whether you opt for a standalone design or one that is tucked away in a cabinet. Make a note of how far away it is from your cooker so you can estimate the amount of clearance needed for opening and shutting the doors. All fridges and freezers require a small space around them for air circulation.

A slimmer alternative to full-size models, this fridge freezer from Hotpoint is a combination of an upright fridge with a freezer drawer-style system. This lets you have access to your food at eye level and reduces energy use since you only open only one door at once and prevents the cold air from venting out. This is an excellent option for smaller households. It also comes with a nonplumbed water dispenser to give you instant refreshment.

If you want to enjoy fresh-brewed coffee and crisp soda at home without having to leave This American-style fridge from Beko could be the perfect choice. It’s stylish and has plenty of storage space, which is enough 33 bags of food items. It also comes with an ice maker with no plumbing for instant drinks and no-frost technology to ensure that your food remains free of frost and crisp.


American fridge freezers can do more than store drinks and food. They also display smart screens that can be used to create shopping lists, recipes or inventories. They can also dispense chilled water and ice. You can choose models that feature automatic ice makers that can be filled with crushed ice. Or manual ones in which you add water to the freezer compartment and then turn a knob.

You can choose from slim models that are approximately 70cm wide or larger ones that can be up to 90cm wide. Some models are tall too that can reach 175cm or 180cm including feet. This can be important if you have low ceilings in your kitchen, or the space for the fridge freezer is limited to an enclosed space with shelving above.

A lot of the models we have on our best small American fridge freezer list are free of frost, or no-frost, which makes it easier to keep clean and tidy. This will help you save time and money in defrosting as well as reduce your energy bill.

On our page of the top American fridge freezers, you can browse different models with various features. You can use our filters to narrow down your choices by size price, size, or retailer. You can also narrow your options by color, to get the most of the kitchen’s decor.

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