You've Forgotten Double Glazing Door Locks: 10 Reasons Why You Don't Need It

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Upgrade Your Double Glazing door lock repair near Me Locks

Double glazing windows can help keep burglars away and provide peace of mind at your home. They also provide excellent energy efficiency that keeps draughts out and heat in.

Espagnolette locking systems are the most commonly used window lock for uPVC doors. They work combination with secure multi-point locks to ensure your home is secure. Cockspur handles are more traditional and can be suited to old-fashioned projects or frames that are slimmer.

Restrictive Window Hinges

The hinges of your uPVC window are essential to ensure that your window is closed. If they are not secured, a determined intruder could use the leverage of the window to push open your door and gain entry. One of the best methods to ensure that your doors are securely shut and locked is by upgrading your existing hinges to high-security hinges.

Security hinges are available in a variety of sizes and types that meet the requirements of the majority of uPVC windows. They are also simple to install since they do not require any modifications or tools. They feature the feature of a friction torque-positioned hinge which can be steady no matter what force it is put through. This means that an intruder trying to pop the window off its hinge will have a much harder time and it is likely that they will not be able to bend the window enough to get into the home.

The majority of new double glazing comes with windows that come with standard hinges. These are usually constructed of stainless steel and are extremely sturdy. However, if your windows are situated in a vulnerable area like on the ground floor or on the upper floors of your house, then you may want to upgrade them to security hinges. These hinges are more robust than the standard hinges and come with locks that stop intruders from opening the window.

When choosing security hinges for windows, it is crucial to match the height of your stacks on your window hinges of the past to the new ones that you are installing. This will ensure that the new hinges fit properly and give an elegant and professional look to your uPVC windows.

If you’d like, you can also install restricted window friction hinges. They come with a built-in restrictor that prevents the window from opening to the side. This is to ensure the safety of children. They are usually installed on fire escape (egress) windows and are compliant with building regulations. The hinges are only open for by a specific distance, and are released by pressing a button. They are sold in pairs, and come in a variety of lengths as well as stacking heights.

High-Security Locks

You should think about investing in high security locks if you want to make it harder for someone to break into your home. These locks come with extra security features like extreme pick resistance and bump proof construction, as well as keys that cannot be duplicated without authorization. While they are more expensive than normal locks, they could be worth it for certain homeowners and businesses.

Medeco, Assa Abloy, and Mul-t-lock are among the most well-known high-security lock brands. These brands are known for their high-quality products and outstanding service. They are made of hardened steel and include additional security features, such as patent-pending key bows and sidebars. They also have drill resistance and free-rotating plugs. These locks are commonly employed in commercial spaces but they can be found in many homes.

One of the biggest problems that burglars have with traditional locks is the capability to create keys that can unlock them. High-security locks feature specific key bows or warding patterns to prevent copying without a keycard or special equipment. Some locks require an entry code to be entered to allow them to be activated. These locks are typically used in business premises where access is required to secure sensitive areas such as warehouses, cash counting rooms and rooms for pharmaceutical drugs.

These locks are not recommended for doors that are exposed to weather. Wind, rain and door lock Repair Near me other weather conditions could cause damage to the lock mechanism, making it easier for criminals to break through the lock and gain access.

It is crucial to invest in double glazed door lock glazing doors with reinforced locking points. This will safeguard your property from external attacks. For instance, the uPVC locking system by SKS has been designed to withstand a range of attacks. It also comes with several security features like anti-pick, anti-drill and anti-bump.

In terms of security for residential homes, high-security locks are not always worth the cost. Most burglars gain entrance to homes through windows, sliding door or backdoor that is left unlocked. A high-security lock won’t stop these types of attacks because the perpetrators will discover a new way of entering. However, if you have something particularly valuable in your home that needs protecting, a high-security lock is well worth the investment.

Anti-Crowbar Finishing

This anti-jemmy lock was designed to meet a recognised insurance specification. It has 20mm steel bars that can be rotated and fixed in order to deter attacks from hacksaws and other tools. It’s coated with polyester powder in a variety of colours to provide a durable finish that co-ordinates with any style. It is also a cost-effective solution since there are no electrical components that could fail, and planning permissions are rarely required.

Espagnolette locking system is a popular choice for modern uPVC window frames. It works with multi-point locks that are set around the frame, and then lock in the handle. These are also available with cockspur handles for traditional and heritage projects. These locks are tested to the highest quality including diamond SS312 and Kitemarked the TS007 three star lock repair near me to protect against locks snapping.

Easy to Maintain

Modern uPVC doors and windows are extremely durable, however they require some maintenance. Locks and hinges need to be cleaned frequently. Grime and dirt can build up over time, causing damage to the lock. This can make the lock less effective and leave your home vulnerable.

Cleaning and maintaining the locks on your door is easy. Use a mild detergent or a dampened cloth to get rid of dirt from the hinges and locks. If a stubborn stain remains, a cream-based uPVC cleaning solution might be required.

In addition to cleaning, your locks and door lock repair Near me hinges should be lubricated regularly every now and then. The use of a silicon spray specifically designed to do this can help the lock mechanism function properly and reduce corrosion caused by salt in the air. After applying lubricant to the hinges and lock, gently pull or push on them several times to make sure that the lubricant has had a chance to fully penetrate the mechanism.

Do not push a hinge or lock to close or open since this can increase the amount of stress on the mechanism, and may cause it to wear out prematurely. If your window or door begins to have difficulty closing or opening, this could be due to the locking mechanism not being aligned and you should get a locksmith check for you as soon as you can.

To stop burglars from gaining access through your window you should consider installing an aftermarket deadbolt. These bolts are set to the door frame and cannot be removed from the outside. This adds an extra layer of security.

Double Glazing Quoter can help you upgrade your existing uPVC windows with high-security locks. Contact us now. Our online quote generator will offer instant quotes on a variety of front door lock change designs as well as locking options for high-security doors. The prices will help you determine which best option is suitable for your home. If you’re looking to install an entirely new uPVC double glazed door Our guide prices will provide you with an idea of the amount you’ll pay for the perfect design to fit your budget.

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