XL Bully owners blast government £200 scheme to euthanise their pets

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Helen Conover asked 8 months ago

Livid Bully XL owners are refusing to accept a £200 Government handout to euthanise their soon-to-be-banned pets, branding the plan ‘absolutely disgusting’.

In case you have any kind of concerns about where by and also the way to use pets advices, you are able to e-mail us at our internet site. The breed will be banned under the Dangerous Dogs Act by the end of the year, following a spate of recent fatal and horrific attacks. 

Owners can apply to have their pets exempt from the crackdown – which means they would have to pay £92.40 for a certificate and the dog would need to be microchipped and neutered, among other rules.

The second option would be to have their dogs put down, with the government offering £200 in compensation to these owners. 

But news of the measures this week triggered fury from Bully owners, who branded the move a ‘puppy scrappage scheme’. 

Fuming Bully XL owner Ashley Oxley from Brighton told MailOnline: ‘No money would ever tempt me into putting my girl down she’s fine the way she is and that’s how it’s staying can’t believe in this generation this kind of brutality is even allowed.’ 

Mother-of-three Dani Harland added: ‘This breaks my heart. I own an XL Bully and I would never ever even dream of putting her down. I find this absolutely disgusting that they [the government] are even offering to pay people money to have their dogs put to sleep.’

Dani Harland owns a Bully XL and says she refuses to allow her pet to be put down 

Lily the Bully XL has been stuck in a rescue home for almost a year in Berwick Animal Rescue Kennels, with the home’s boss saying it will take a ‘miracle’ for the dog to be rehomed before the December 31 deadline

Fuming Bully XL owner Ashley Oxley from Brighton said he would never accept £200 to put his beloved pet down (pictured is Ashley’s dog)

The outcry comes as animal charities today warned they face an impossible task of trying to rehome hundreds of Bully XLs stuck in rescue centres before the December 31 deadline, after which it will become illegal to rehome, breed, or sell the dogs.

Mel Kermode, operations manager of Freshfields Animal Rescue in Liverpool, said: ‘It is a desperate race against time to try and save these dogs. The clock is very much ticking,’ 

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