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Derek asked 3 years ago

This may be a dumb question, but is there anyway I can print the schedule that is saved in Learning Suite? I prefer to have a paper copy so that I can cross things off when I’m done. This helps me stay ahead of everything. Right now the course seems very overwhelming. I can add the schedule to my google calendar, but then it just overtakes everything else. I’d prefer to simply print it off, and I don’t want to rewrite everything to do that. Thanks. 

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Justis answered 3 years ago

If you save the schedule’s html page (either command -> s or control -> s) , then when it asks you what format you want to save it as, select webpage html only. After getting that saved, you can go online and search .. Just upload the file you downloaded and it will convert it to a pdf, and then from there you should be able to print it like normal. It won’t look like how it is on Learning Suite, but it will have all the information and all the stuff will be lined up. Just make sure you check the online schedule too just in case things change. Which I don’t see the schedule changing too much

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