Why Is This Blown Double Glazing Repair So Beneficial? During COVID-19

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Is It Time For A Blown Double Glazing Repair?

Condensation can be an indication that your double glazing has blown. This happens when the seal between two panes has broken which allows gases that are inert to escape.

Double-glazed windows that are repaired is vital. It will not only help you save money and decrease the noise outside, but it will also improve the insulating qualities of the window.

Damaged Seals

The window seals on double-glazed units create an airtight and watertight barrier that keeps cold and heat out. If these seals become damaged, it can cause a host of problems, including misty windows and drafts, as well as energy loss. If you find that your seals are beginning to show signs of wear, it’s time for you to replace or repair them.

One of the first symptoms you’ll notice is the appearance of condensation forming between the panes of glass. This happens when the inert gases within the sealed unit degrade, allowing warm outside air to enter your home. The inert gas can’t be replaced after this happens.

Another sign that is common is the appearance of black mould on your windows or window frames. This is usually an indication that the seals have failed and moisture is leaking into the frame. This can cause the wood to warp, soften and peel paint. Once the window has been replaced any moisture in the frame will be removed and you can regain the original efficiency of your heating system.

If you decide to repair your windows or replace them it is recommended to upgrade the double glazing to an A-rated energy-efficient glass. This will boost the efficiency of your heating system and lower your energy costs. You can determine the energy rating of your windows by contacting the company that you purchased them from or searching online.

A window that is drafty can suggest that the seals have been damaged or have been blown. If the window continues to keep the cold out, it is worth replacing the seals as soon as you can. This will enhance the performance of your windows.

A simple test you can do to determine if the window seals are broken is to rub the edges of your window with frozen water for a few seconds. If you are unable to wipe the fog from your window and the seals are not able to be repaired, then they are likely to be broken. This is a problem that has to be dealt with immediately since it can lead to lower insulation of double glazing and increased energy bills.

Water Leaks

Double glazing is a good investment that pays off over the long haul. It will add warmth to your home and reduces noise. It also increases energy efficiency. It’s no surprise that many homeowners have problems with their windows from time time. One common issue that can cause a double glazing replacement is condensation that forms between the panes. This can result in an unpleasant appearance, or even worse it could let water into your property.

Water vapour condenses on glass, forming moisture which can’t be removed. This is a normal occurrence that occurs when temperatures drop in the evening or the windows are left exposed to weather conditions that are wet like heavy dew. This issue can be fixed by ensuring your home is adequately ventilated and by putting in humidifiers in every room that is susceptible to the accumulation of moisture.

If you’re unable to wipe away the moisture from your double-glazed window, it is most likely that the unit has collapsed. This is the only way water can enter a sealed unit after the gas has evaporated. There are some companies that claim they can repair existing misted double glazed units by drilling holes in the glass and injecting chemicals into them that absorb moisture from the inside of the unit. This may help to eliminate condensation and fog within a short period of time, but it’s only temporary and requires repeated.

It is irreversible once a sealed unit blows. Your double glazing will have to be replaced because it won’t have the same thermal insulation qualities it did when it was new. Check with the company who installed your double glazing to see if it is still under warranty. In this case they’ll either reinstate the warranty or offer you a discount on the cost of replacing the unit.

Another option is available for those who have misted double glazing, and that is a simple repair kit which can be bought from many online stores. This involves drilling small holes in the glass and then spraying a specific resin into the gaps to stop moisture from leaking through. This is a much more economical and long-lasting solution, double glazing repair but it has to be done professionally by someone with the necessary experience in this field.


If your double glazing seals aren’t working properly, moisture can enter between the panes of the windows and cause them to fog. This can cause the windows to lose their effectiveness, as they won’t be able to keep the heat in and the cold out.

Depending on the circumstances misting can also lead to the formation of water within your double glazing. This could cause damage to the frame and if not addressed, it could cause water leaks and even mould growth in your home.

If your windows are covered by warranty, you should consider asking your installer for assistance in the repair or replacement cost. If your windows aren’t covered under warranty, you’ll have to contact a professional to repair the damage.

A professional can fix your damaged double-glazed windows to restore the thermal efficiency and removing any condensation. It is essential to get the windows fixed when you notice the misting, because it will cut down on your energy costs and also prevent the entry of moisture into your walls or the plaster that could cause significant damage.

A double-glazed window doctor near me repair that is blown will not only improve the performance of the double glazing but also ensure the safety of your family. Blown windows often have large gaps between the glass, which is not ideal for animals and children to play with. A professional can equalize the pressure of the unit by drilling two tiny holes and will then use silicone sealant repair your windows.

It’s a good idea verify your double-glazed windows to see if they’re covered by a guarantee, and if you are unable to find contact information, then you should ask your supplier to provide the information as you may be able to claim back some of the installation cost. Some companies also provide a lifetime warranty on their products so it’s definitely worth checking to see if your windows are covered by this. You should contact your provider immediately if you discover any issues with your double glazed windows, in person or via phone, and then follow up in writing, if you are able to.

Poor Insulation

Double glazing is a worthy investment for any home, adding warmth to your home and reducing noise from outside. They also provide an excellent improvement in energy efficiency and insulation for any home. As with any home improvement there are always problems. One of these is when double-glazed windows begin to mist. Misted windows are unsightly and can smudge your clean appearance. They can also be health hazards due to the buildup of moisture. Thankfully, this can be fixed with the help of a professional double glazing repair using blown.

If you notice a buildup of condensation on your double-glazed windows it’s likely that there is a leak in the gas cavity between the glass panes. This means that the gas inert has evaporated and warm air is now able to enter your home. This is a serious problem that needs to be fixed because double glazing won’t serve its intended purpose, and your home will be colder.

The appearance of mist on the exterior of your window is a natural phenomenon that occurs mainly during the night and in the early hours of morning, when temperatures drop and dew forms. It’s nothing to worry about and is the result of your windows working as they ought to.

The moisture on the inside of your double glazed windows is a different issue. It is typically caused by inadequate ventilation and a lack of humidity in your home. Make use of extractor fans to lower humidity in the kitchen and bathroom. Also open your windows frequently to allow fresh air circulation.

Fortunately, most times, your blown double glazing repair will require replacing the damaged window. A professional tradesman will first look at the condition of the window frame and then takes accurate measurements so that a new replacement window can be cut to the appropriate size. They will then remove the window they have replaced with a new one, making sure that all seals are properly installed to prevent moisture from entering your home.

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