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Why You Need a Ghost 2 Immobiliser Fitting Near Me

Modern day thieves can take vehicles in less than a minute. They make use of the OBD port of the vehicle to hack into the ECU and then duplicate keys, all using a laptop that is hidden inside the vehicle.

An Autowatch Ghost immobiliser blocks this by transferring a sequence of pin codes via the buttons on your vehicle (steering wheel & central console). It is completely inaccessible to anyone in your vehicle.

No key fobs or LED indicators, or any other means to locate the vehicle are available.

The ghost immobiliser is the most effective method to stop keyless entry theft and key cloning. This device shields your vehicle from these kinds of attacks by blocking the engine after the valid pin code has been entered. This is a highly efficient method of protecting your car, and even insurance companies see it as a security measure that could help lower the cost of your insurance.

The way in which the ghost works is by connecting to your vehicles CAN data network, once installed by us at Car Theft Solutions it will only start when you press a specific button sequence using your personalised override code. The engine will not begin when you attempt to start your vehicle without using the code. The criminal then realizes they’ve been caught and will likely abandon the vehicle.

The Ghost system has the advantage of not transmitting any signals like the tracker. Thieves aren’t able to make use of RF receivers to pinpoint your Ghost unit’s location. It doesn’t emit IR (infrared signals) as do typical remote control key fobs as well as trackers, making it hard to bypass or hack.

Another benefit of the ghost is that it comes with a valet mode that can be activated when you hand your vehicle over to valet parking or for servicing. This will disable the immobiliser CAN for 30mph and allow you to use your vehicle in normal fashion with your key fob. The Ghost will be fully functional when the vehicle is parked again.

If you would like to find out more about the Ghost or want us to install it in your vehicle, you can contact us at Car Theft Solutions today. We are a family-run business with more than 10 years of experience in vehicle security. This includes the Ghost immobiliser installation. We are a Thatcham-approved installer for Ghost products and our reputation is built on the satisfaction of our customers.

No hacking, cloning, or cloning

The Autowatch Ghost immobiliser is one of most advanced on the market. It safeguards your vehicle from hacking and key cloning which makes it almost impossible to steal. The only way to steal your car is to physically tow it away. Even then, they would not be able start the engine.

This is because unlike other immobilisers which only stop the car from starting if they don’t have your fob, this clever system actually disconnects your engine control unit so that the vehicle cannot be started. It operates by transmitting a signal via buttons on your steering wheel, door panel or centre console which can only be disabled by entering the correct pin code configuration, it is this feature that makes the Ghost so hard to crack.

Its sleek and subtle design allows it to seamlessly into your vehicle without the necessity of additional keys or LED indicators. It operates independently of your factory tracker or alarm. It also functions as a bus immobiliser which means that it is part of the control area network of your vehicle and does not interfere with other devices, such as the built-in key fob or alarm.

Unlike other systems that depend on codes grabbing or RF scanning this technology is undetectable to thieves since it sends a silent sequence of pin codes via existing buttons on your vehicles steering wheel, door panels or central console. The Ghost is a revolutionary product that safeguards your vehicle from theft of keys that are keyless and smart key theft. It does this by generating an unique pin code that must be entered to disarm the device.

The number of vehicles that have no keyless entry in circulation is increasing. Thieves are becoming more sophisticated and use cloning devices that can be purchased through classifieds or online for under PS15. They can then use this fob that was cloned to gain entry to your vehicle. A standard vehicle immobiliser only stops the engine from starting only if you have the original key fob. This does not provide enough protection and it is easy for criminals to alter or jam signals to unlock the vehicle.

Valet mode

An immobiliser that is standard on your vehicle is an electronic chip which sends an alert when you hit your key fob button, the system will then search for the particular code you have sent from the key to start the vehicle. If the signal isn’t detected, it will simply cut off and stop the engine from beginning. This is the principle behind all aftermarket immobilisers and is a vital security measure to ensure that your car cannot be stolen, even if a burglar has your keys or a device to enhance the signal of your key fob.

ghost immobiliser price ii Immobiliser (https://www.Plantsg.com.sg) immobilisers do more than just stop this. The system, which is located on the CAN Bus of your Mercedes, has been programmed with a unique PIN code that needs to be entered to begin the car. The app is then locked your app, and no one will ever be able to access it unless they have the same pin that you have.

The system will also stop cloning, hacking and signal jamming (which can be used by thieves to bypass the immobiliser on your vehicle). This means that if a burglar does manage to get your car keys or key fob, they will not be able to start your car, even if they are parked within only a few feet of it. They could only get your car on the flatbed truck which is extremely unlikely.

Valet mode comes as a standard feature with your ghost immobiliser. When activated, the glove box of your car and trunk will be locked so that thieves will not have any personal items to take with them. It will also limit the speed of your Tesla, so that it cannot be driven over 70mph. It will also turn off ludicrous modes. It will also conceal your home and work addresses and make your driver profiles secure, and lock your Tesla dashboard to ensure that no one else can access your private data.

If you want to use your vehicle for valet parking, or for service, choose the ‘Valet/Service’ mode on the dashboard app. Enter your 4-digit valet code on the touchscreen. After you’ve done this, the alarm functions will be removed however it will prevent you from starting your vehicle unless a valid pin is entered. This is perfect for people who need to hand their car over to others for repair, such as taxi drivers and garage mechanics.

The world’s first aftermarket CAN bus immobiliser

The Autowatch Ghost offers unparalleled security and is the first aftermarket CAN-bus immobiliser in the world. It safeguards your vehicle from key cloning, hacking and even key theft. This is accomplished by integrating into your vehicle’s current interface. It doesn’t require additional remotes or fobs, but instead integrates with the vehicle’s data network, CAN. This makes it a ‘stealth’ device.

The device is a circuit board that is hidden inside your car’s engine control unit (ECU). It operates quietly. When activated, it will stop the car from starting unless a PIN is entered. This is the number that you will receive when you book an install. This number is required to enable valet, deactivate the alarm, or let you to drive away in a car belonging to a friend (if they also have Ghost installed).

It is designed to ensure that it can’t be seen by anyone looking at your car’s interior. does not transmit radio signals, and will only be heard when it’s activated. It can be placed in a variety places, making it nearly impossible to spot. It is also a low-maintenance gadget and can be used together with other systems like a tracker (Brand dependant) to provide the most complete anti-theft system.

Many people choose to fit an immobiliser ghost because they feel that the standard security isn’t enough to stop their pride and joy from being taken. While physical deterrents such as locking the steering wheel and wheel clamps are a good option, they are not really considered “theft proof” by thieves because they can be defeated quite easily with the right tools. Ghost immobilisers, however, can’t be bypassed by a thief since it is concealed within the vehicle and if activated, it would shut down parts like the starter motor or fuel system.

Ghost immobilisers can be installed for only PS450 It’s just a fraction of what other products cost. It also helps stop your car being stolen. If you want to add an extra layer of protection to your beloved vehicle, contact us today so we can schedule it for you. We accept card payments and offer a 3-month credit that is interest-free through Klarna.

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