What's Holding Back What's Holding Back The American Freezer Fridge Industry?

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American Fridge Freezers

American Style Fridge Freezer fridge freezers are an excellent kitchen appliance, providing a huge amount of space to store drinks and food. They are often taller and wider than UK models making them a fantastic choice for open-plan kitchens.

Many have dispensers for water and ice, so chilled, refreshing drinks are always in the fridge. The models that are plumbed in connect directly to your mains supply of water The models that aren’t plumbed make use of an integral tank which you can easily replenish.

They’re huge

A large American fridge freezer is an impressive piece of equipment. These freezers are typically larger than freestanding models (up to 85cm in average) and have two long doors that are the size of a cupboard. They can contain 390 litres. That’s enough to hold 20 grocery bags full of groceries!

They also include a host of other features to keep your food fresh and chilled for longer. Be sure to look for the latest in air circulation to ensure consistent temperature, automatic defrost technology and doors-mounted water and Ice dispensers.

Our budget-friendly American fridge freezers come with an A-rated energy efficiency rating This means they’re excellent value and will lower your monthly bills. They are also easy to buy, using various payment options, such as Klarna or PayPal Credit.

Don’t forget that fridge freezers are also quite bulky – therefore, don’t forget to take into account the width of your front and interior doors when measuring. It can be difficult to get one delivered and you should ensure that you can fit it into the space prior to buying. If you’re worried about access certain models have the mini bar door that folds down for easy access, but does not let cold air escape. This feature is available on a few of our less expensive brands, such as Hisense, Haier and Hotpoint.

They’re bold

Unlike the tall, upright fridge freezers the majority of us are familiar with, American-style fridge freezers come with two doors that swing from the centre outwards. In the UK they are sometimes referred to as side-by-side fridge freezers, but certain American-style models have refrigerators on top and a freezer drawer underneath.

These fridge freezers come with a variety of useful features apart from their dimensions. You should look for features such as the water and ice dispenser mounted on the door, which keeps your drinks cool and hydrated, without taking up valuable kitchen counter space. Also, you should look for an energy efficiency rating. It’s becoming harder to find an A+refrigerator-freezer with a ++ rating as the new stricter system took effect in 2021, however, a good place to start is around the C-E mark.

For those who love brands, look into the Siemens IQ-700 KA92DHXFP, which comes in stunning matte black and has plenty of interior’meal space’ with room for the 540 litres of storage, which is divided into 173 litres of fridge space and 367 litres of freezer. This model has an A+energy rating of ++ due to its Inverter Linear compressor. It also has a handy ice maker mounted on the door, and LED lighting that helps to find what you’re seeking. It’s also designed to be quiet with a Quiet Mark certification, so it’s ideal for open-plan living spaces.

They’re stylish

The main distinction between the American fridge freezer and the more traditional larder-style best fridge freezers that we have here in the UK is size – American models are a lot bigger and feature full length double doors. They are ideal for families who prefer to stock up in order to save cash on shopping trips and for american style Fridge freezer large family meals or gatherings around Christmas.

small american fridge freezers fridge freezers are not just large in size, but they are also stylish with their sleek finishes and advanced technology. You can find them in a variety colors like fresh white, sleek silver and sophisticated black to complement your kitchen’s color scheme. Look for models that have water and ice dispensers that provide refreshing, filtered and instant cold drinks or ice cubes with the push of a button. Some models come with zones that can be changed from the refrigerator to a freezer, for instance storage of leftovers and food for a party.

You’ll need a strong hand to move them into your kitchen. It’s crucial that the doors fully open, so that it is easy to access them. Many have smart features, such as OptimalFresh boxes, which can be set to two different temperatures to meet the needs of different food types, or Dual Cooling that stops the dry air inside the freezer from drying frozen food items and also preventing the spread of odors.

They’re practical

American fridge freezers are distinguished by their long, cupboard-style doors that sit above the freezer section. They make a focal point of your kitchen due to their unique look. Models that have an integrated ice maker and cold-water dispenser can add a touch luxury.

They can be plumbed in or unplumbed to match your home and lifestyle and come with an array of features that make them more useful. This includes Total No Frost technology that will eliminate ice build-up and ensures you’ll never have to manually defrost your appliance again and LED displays that allow an easy temperature control.

There are plenty of additional storage options available with these models, too, including deep pockets for milk bottles and juice bottles. You can also pick one that has a convertible zone which allows you to convert the freezer to a fridge at any time. And for even more convenience, choose a non-plumbed model that comes with an internal reservoir so that you can fill it up from your tap and enjoy clean pure water that has been filtered right from the dispenser.

These refrigerator freezers have capacities of 390 litres, which is sufficient to hold 33 shopping bags. They are the perfect choice for anyone looking to add style and space to their home. Comet provides a wide selection of models from trusted household brands and reputable brands, with finishes that match any interior design scheme.

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