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Maggie Jackson asked 3 years ago

I changed all of the folder names in my project (to styles, html, etc.) as directed. I went through to change every link and image so my website would still work. It now is working exactly as it was except that the Navigation Menu at the top is not working correctly. I am using the Clean Blog template and when the page is contracted smaller, the navigation at the top turns into a drop down menu. This menu no longer is able to be clicked on the pages that are in the html folder. I looked through the hrefs on every page and I cannot find any that are not linked incorrectly. The navbar is coded into the js folder. Do I need to change anything there?

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Shayna Oh answered 3 years ago

You don’t have to worry about what happens to your navbar if your website is smaller. If you really want to know how to add those features, you should hop onto the queue, but if you’re not interested in how it works if you won’t get docked points, then you’re good.

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