Wall Painting Ideas That Add Interest to Bare Walls

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Bobby Pickles asked 5 months ago

Walls are a blank canvas waiting to be filled with color. There are many ways to bring walls alive by choosing the right wall paint colors. Monochromatic themes and safe colors, to unusual painting ideas that are most unexpected, can be used to add interest to bare walls.

Some interesting wall painting ideas are listed below,

Curvy lines:

Instead of the usual straight lines try something different like curvy waves. They are eye-catching and can be made in two contrasting colors. Freehand and swaying lines make the wall paint color look like an abstract painting.

Free form designs:

The key is to forget about fixed patterns, shapes and anything that’s too specific. One can create a mood or design reminiscent from something one loves using colors and abstract shapes.

Inspirational quotes:

One can create a prime wall by painting a personalized message. Anything like an inspirational quote, something fun or clever can be used in the living room.


Striped walls are timeless and simple wall painting techniques that are fail-proof. One can use two to three wall paint colors.

Using lighter stripes between the larger brighter colors can emphasize the other two colors.

V-shape patterns:

V-shaped patterns or chevron stripes is also an interesting wall painting idea. Relatively easy to do one, one can coordinate them with the entire room’s decor.


One can try creative wall painting ideas like using two colors to portion the bedroom walls. Colors that can gradually become light or dark also give a great effect to bedroom walls. One can match wall paint colors to beddings or the carpet so there’s cohesion throughout.

Combined techniques:

One can combine techniques such as chevron stripes, wall textures, or dark stripes in combination by mixing interesting wall paints.

Faux finish:

If one enjoys a rustic feel it can be achieved with ease using wall paint colors. Faux finishes that look like actual wood, bricks, and title can be painted on the walls using interesting wall paint ideas.

Color blocking:

One can use multiple solid colors on a single wall and create a fun and unique titled effect. One can incorporate white borders to create a three dimensional effect.


Talented and creative individuals can create a unique design for walls, using freehand techniques or available stencils.

There are many interesting wall painting ideas, that can make the walls of one’s home pop out and comment-171896 eye catching. One can incorporate anything that suits their personality and adds a sense of curiosity to a space.

I am interior decorator and love designing the houses of my clients by giving a personalised touch to each walls. I believe choosing the right wall paints really makes your home standout from the rest. I enjoy sharing my thoughts and suggestions that would help people taking the right decision when they are planning to decorate their home in their style.

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