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Becca McIllece asked 2 years ago

So I’ve been watching all the videos and doing all the activities, but I noticed I don’t get credit unless I’m on the page or the video for a certain amount of time? So some pages it takes so long for me to get credit I can read the information two times over. I personally also watch videos as a faster speed because It helps me listen and actually comprehend what’s going on instead of zoning out. But I also end up wasting a lot of time just sitting on a video or a page when I’ve already got the information I need from it. I also keep trying to leave feedback on the actual website but when I try to type it won’t register any of my letters.

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Justis answered 2 years ago

Hey Becca,
Oh dang. Yeah, don’t worry about waiting for the page to say you’ve read it. We’re not gonna count it towards anything. If you’ve read the page and feel like you’ve got it, just move on. I’m sorry that wasn’t clear, but yeah don’t sweat that anymore.

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