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Chloe Warren asked 2 years ago

I had trouble finding a solid answer to the study guide question asking “what are the characteristics of unstructured problem-solving?”. I understand that the problems are “unstructured” because there are no textbook solutions, but I couldn’t find any other characteristics. Also, I’m confused as to how IT, IS, or both are used to come up with solutions to unstructured problems?

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admin Staff answered 2 years ago

I can see that the book doesn’t answer this question very well. Unstructured problems are those without known solutions, and that often do not have well-developed processes for solving. We use technology (IT/IS) to build solutions these problems the same way we would use a set of physical tools to build something. The skills you learn in this field can be thought of as tools that can be combined and leveraged in conjunction with each other to result in an innovative solution to a problem. For example, if I need to track the movement paths and social behavior of herd animals, I would use various hardware and software technologies that already exist, and I would likely need to create a few new ones (that don’t currently exist), combine them all together into a functional system to solve this unstructured problem. 

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