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Legos are a timeless toy that has inspired generations of children and adults to design their own distinctive masterpieces. It’s a classic from the past that has inspired generations of children and adults to create their own distinctive masterpieces.

In 1947, Christiansen made a purchase that would change the course of his company’s history. He bought a plastic injection-molding machine that allowed them to make plastic toys in greater quantities and variety.

Ole Kirk Christiansen

Ole Kirk Christiansen, a carpenter, was the person behind the creation of LEGO the company that was created in Billund, Denmark, in 1932. If you liked this post and you would like to acquire more details pertaining to discover unique lego building kits kindly pay a visit to our own web site. In the years before the Great Depression hit, Ole Kirk Christiansen envisioned creating wooden toys using the scraps of wood left in his workshop. The first products he made were mini versions of stepladders, as well as ironing boards. These were marketed under the name leg godt (play well) in Danish.

In 1942, the shop and all its blueprints were destroyed in a fire. As a result of the responsibility he had for his workers, he built up.

Following the war, the business continued to expand and in 1946, Christiansen purchased a plastic molding machine. As he was experimenting with the equipment, he came up with the idea of making the first plastic brick. Godtfred was his son. was later to use the design to design the modern interlocking block. Its satisfying clicking coupling has been the foundation of some of the most sought-after construction toys around the globe. Christiansen passed away in 1958, just before his invention revolutionized global manufacturing of toys.

The very first Lego set

The very first Lego set, called the Town Plan was a set comprised of roads that could be paved with Lego bricks. Godtfred recognized in this the first step towards lively play, something he believed was important for children. It is a fundamental principle which the Lego Group adheres to today.

In 1947, the company made a huge purchase that would change its entire operation with a plastic injection molding machine. The products that came out of it included plastic sailor, plastic fish and automatic binding bricks which were all precursors to the Lego blocks we have in the present.

The first LEGO construction figures were released in the year 1975. It was a tall four-brick figure and resembled a tiny robotic. The peg-hands differed from the ones we use in the present. More than 50 prototypes were made before the perfect design was found and the minifigure came out. The next step was to include wheels on the figures, opening an entirely new world of playing.

The very first Lego bricks

The first Lego bricks were not the interlocking bricks made of plastic, which later became famous. They were “automatic-binding bricks” made of plastic, with flat bottoms and an axle above. They “automatic binding bricks” were made using the process of injection molding, where melted plastic was put into a mold.

However, these bricks weren’t successful. Due to poor sales and a large number of bricks being returned. However, Godtfred did not give up, and after an opportunity meeting with an overseas buyer, he realized the potential of making a toy that could be interconnected.

In 1974, the company released its first Lego figures in 1974. Later on, they evolved into the tiny posable pieces that we have today. In 1975, Lego started selling sets that were more intricate for children of a certain age. These sets would eventually become known as Lego Technic. The sets included small components like gears, universal joints and levers. The coupling and stud system was introduced, allowing Lego pieces to be joined together to make more elaborate structures.

The first Lego people

While they’re the most popular element of Lego sets today, the minifigures were not a major innovation until later in the history of the company. The first Lego minifigures were released in the late 70s or in 1975 to be precise.

They were based on astronauts and police officers which were both more real than the toy soldiers currently available. This was a huge improvement and would make Lego sets more exciting for kids.

This was also the first time LEGO introduced various skin tones, though it would take some time before they actually got the chance to add female heads that weren’t an all-white face. In 2002 the first female heads with smirking faces were made available. It’s been more than 30 years since a head that is coded as being old was added. They’re getting better however they’ve got some way to get there.

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