The Ugly Real Truth Of Under Counter Side By Side Fridge Freezer

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best side by side fridge freezer by Side Fridge Freezers uk

The side by side freezers found in the UK offer a large capacity and a practical design. Typically, they’re fitted with cool water and an ice dispensers on the front, they are an excellent addition to your kitchen.

They come with many compartments for the doors that are perfect for arranging your food quickly after a shopping trip. They are energy efficient and have even temperature technology that can reduce fluctuations. This makes your food fresher for longer.


When looking to buy an appliance that can be used in the kitchen, working out which size to choose is a daunting process. There are two options: an American-style 60/40 divided freezer or a French door model that has 50/50 split. It’s all about your preference and the amount you’ll use the freezer for everyday food preparation.

Both models come with a variety of storage options for your beverages and food items, including adjustable shelves, door bins, and ice cube dispensers. Other useful features are available like a Humidity Zone (Candy’s MyZone) for fruit and vegetables. This feature keeps the humidity in your fridge drawer to around 90% and keeps your food fresher longer.

Recently, Candy has developed a four-door model of their side-byside fridge freezers. This removes the vertical divider wall between the freezer and fridge compartments and replaces it with two chest of drawers style freezer drawers that provide more storage space. This can be a great benefit for families who rely on the freezer more frequently since they’ll be able reach their frozen items easily.

A number of manufacturers make 70cm models which are more suitable for UK kitchens. They have the same capacity as well as look as an American-style refrigerator freezer however, best side by side Fridge freezer they aren’t as bulky. It’s crucial to check the depth of these fridges prior to purchasing to ensure they fit through front and internal doors.


With side-by-best side by side fridge freezer fridge freezers, you can get lots of space for your budget. They can hold 25 cubic feet, which is enough to store a family’s entire weekly shopping. They’re also ideal for singles and couples who do not eat a lot.

The fridge’s side is bigger than the bottom or top freezers which makes it easier to get inside and see what’s inside. Fridge freezers with this design are also more efficient in energy use than other models because they don’t have as much cold air to waste.

The convenience of having the freezer on the bottom and the fridge at the front is another selling point. It can be difficult to search through a deep-freezer for what you need. And it is often difficult to find items that have been in the back of the freezer for a long time.

This KitchenAid refrigerator is spacious in storage with 13.7 cubic feet of space on the refrigerator’s side. There are two drawers that are crisper and four shelves (three of which are adjustable) along with an deli compartment at the door. The dual icemaker is capable of producing cubes and crushed and cubed ice. The counter-depth refrigerator also has interior LED lighting as well as humidity control. It also comes with doors-in-door features, which allows you to access snacks without having open the entire fridge.

Energy efficiency

Fridge-freezers can be expensive to operate, especially ones with a large freezer space. This is why it’s essential to choose a model that has an energy efficiency rating that is high.

As of March 2021, the energy rating classification of certain white goods has gone through an overhaul. The plus signs have been eliminated in favour of a simpler A-G scale. There are a few refrigerators that are A-rated however, there are a variety of models that can help you save money while reducing your carbon footprint.

For those who want to save money on energy it is recommended to look at models that come with a range of features to help you save energy. Adjustable shelves let you adapt the storage of food to suit your needs. LED lighting can also cut down on energy consumption. Some models have doors that let you to have access to snacks without opening the fridge. This is ideal for those last-minute purchases. Some models also come with cameras to allow you to check the contents of your fridge without letting cold air escape. This is great for when you’re on the move.

Some models are more expensive and come with additional features. For example smart features permit you to control your appliance using your smartphone. If you’re looking to buy a fridge freezer without a lot of frills and does exactly what’s on the box We’ve reviewed several solid models that can get the basics right.


If you’re after a smart-looking fridge freezer in the American style that will impress your guests, take a look at Hisense’s RQ563. It has the freezer on the left side by side fridge freezers uk and the refrigerator on right. It also has easy-to-install ice and water dispensers. It also has a salad crisper to prevent soggy lettuce and mushy apples as well as adjustable shelves and LED lighting. Users love it and say that its large interior and no-frost technology makes it a bargain.

GE’s PJU25YGXFSS is a different model that comes with a variety of features that are market leaders and help improve the preservation of food. It includes a ClimateKeeper temperature management system, ExpressChill and customisable multi-colour touch screen controls that have feedback that is polyphonic. The fridge is equipped with zones for humidity that allow you to change the temperature of drawers in particular areas. This is ideal for fresh food items like meat and cheese.

Other innovative features include long-lasting LED lights that don’t produce heat and smart sensors that warn you if one of the doors has been left open for too long. And for peace of mind, you can choose one with a child lock to ensure that your children aren’t making a mistake when they adjust the temperature of the fridge. This kind of refrigerator freezer is taller than other models. The members of your family who are shorter may have difficulty reaching the top shelves.

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