The Truth About Payday Loans

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Payday loans can help with a small emergency, but they’re expensive and shouldn’t be used regularly. Some states outlaw payday lending altogether while others regulate it.If you’re struggling to make ends meet, try reaching out to your creditors for a payment plan instead of turning to a payday loan. Credit counseling agencies also offer free and low-cost assistance.Getting a payday loanIn exchange for a small amount of money, the borrower generally writes a postdated check or provides authorization to electronically withdraw funds from their bank account. This type of loan is typically repaid on the borrower’s next payday, which can be two weeks from the time the loan was issued.Unlike traditional loans, payday lenders don’t pull a credit report and are often approved within hours. But this convenience comes at a cost: Payday lenders charge high fees and interest, which can add up quickly.It’s important to avoid these traps by planning ahead and saving for emergencies. Consider asking family and friends for help or seeking alternatives like personal loans from credit unions, which have lower rates than payday lenders, or a cash advance on a credit card, which can be more affordable. You could also seek financial counseling from a nonprofit agency. These organizations may be able to negotiate a payment plan with creditors, which can eliminate the need for a payday loan.Payday lenders charge high fees and interestPayday lenders offer fast, easy access to cash by accepting a postdated check or authorizing an account debit in exchange for a loan amount plus fees. Fees on payday loans often add up to over 900% annually, more than the typical interest rate on a credit card.Many payday lenders don’t require a credit check, which can make them accessible to people with bad credit. They also don’t report borrowers’ repayment history to the credit bureaus, meaning payday loans won’t help you build credit.But many people who take out payday loans struggle to repay them on time and end up paying more in fees than they borrowed. This can create a cycle of debt and, according to Pew, leads to more payday loans. Instead of taking out a payday loan, consider other options like asking friends and family for help or using “buy now, pay later” apps to split up purchases into installments. Credit counseling agencies can help you negotiate lower fees and payments on existing debt, too.Payday loans aren’t for everyoneWhile payday lenders often operate out of storefronts in low-income neighborhoods, they aren’t available everywhere. In fact, some states don’t allow payday loans at all or limit them to a small number of repayment terms.Some credit unions offer a payday alternative loan called a PAL (Payday Alternative Loan). These are similar to payday loans in size, but they have longer repayment terms and lower interest rates. Generally, you need to be a member of the credit union to qualify for one of these loans.Another option is to borrow from family or friends. This may be difficult for some people, but it can be a much better option than using a payday lender. Finally, consider talking to a financial counselor. Nonprofit credit counseling agencies can help you with budgeting, debt management and KS more. They can also work with you to find other alternatives to payday loans.Payday lenders don’t require collateralMost loan types require a credit check before you’re approved, but payday lenders only need verification of income and ID. This makes them available to people who may be unable to get conventional loans or those who’ve been rejected for credit cards due to past financial problems.However, payday loans can be expensive because they’re typically short-term and come with steep fees. The high interest rate can cause borrowers to roll over the loan multiple times, putting them in a cycle of debt.Instead of a payday loan, consider an alternative like a personal loan from a bank or credit union. Or try a peer-to-peer lending site, which may offer lower rates than a payday lender. You could also ask a family member or friend for help, KS which is typically easier and less stressful than applying for a loan. And if you’re already in debt, financial counseling can help you manage your payments. Ideally, you should only take out a payday loan if you have no other options.

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