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Top 5 Closed-Back Planar Magnetic Headphones

It is true that planar magnet headphones tend to be more expensive than dynamic driver headphones, however this doesn’t mean they are necessarily better. It all depends on the pedigree of the brand and how they have developed their products.

HIFIMAN has revamped their HE1000V2 with stealth magnetic technology, and it offers improved sonic performance over the previous model. You will hear more clarity and detail in classical music.


OPPO has earned its name with DVD and Blu-ray players, but it is moving into portable headphone markets. The PM-3s are aimed squarely at the keenly contested hybrid segment for headphones that work both at home and on the go. In this, they’re one of the few headphones that use magnetic drivers with a planar design that are able to be taken out and out.

Planar magnetic headphones have a distinctive sound signature. They tend to be flat and have excellent transient response, detail and are generally neutral. The OPPO PM-3s are very easy to listen to and have a high quality of detail. They’re also incredibly light and comfortable to wear.

The earcups are adorned with a stunning black leather cover, which makes them look quite different from other closed-back headphones. The earcups are curved down towards your ears, and the headband is also made of the same material. The earcups can be folded to fit inside the carry case that comes with the headphones.

They have a hefty impedance of 26 ohms, and are rated to be sensitive at 102 dB. This gives them very good power handling and should work with most mobile devices. They are not as efficient as Audio Technica MSR7s for example but they still are very effective.

I find the midrange in the upper part of these headphones to be on the warm side and the treble seems somewhat removed. They’re not as muddy or sluggish, but they do provide a great level of clarity in the mid-range that’s hard to beat for this price.

A specialist supplier of premium boutique brands, OPPO provides the PM-3s with a stylish fitted case and a robust stylish carry case. Both are made from “selvedge jeans” on vintage shuttle-looms. They also come with a variety of cables, including three for Android and Apple devices as well as a domestic cable.


The HE1000 V2 is the most recent iteration in HiFiMAN’s flagship HE series. It features a thin nano-tech-designed diaphragm as well as dual asymmetrical magnets for superior audio quality. Its design uses windows to shield the driver, while allowing sound waves to travel. This creates an even more precise sound signature. This is a significant improvement over the previous model which had a thick layer of magnets that created transmission interference.

The HiFiMAN HE1000V2 is a premium headphone that radiates sophisticated style and sophistication. Its mix of cool metal components, luxurious leather and closed-back planar magnetic headphones wood veneers that are delicate manifests a sense of luxury that few headphones are capable of matching. The acoustics of the headphones are not disappointing with their expansive soundstage and natural tone. The treble produces a bright vibrant, sparkling, and clear sound without being harsh or too sharp. Its clarity allows it to be able to discern cymbals’ room reverb and other subtle details.

Bass is deep and powerful, with each note being handled with care. This ensures that the bass isn’t excessively loud or booming. Its precise timing enables it to handle the most complex bass lines in genres such as EDM and hip hop. The midrange is a smooth and neutral sound that is characterized by a noticeable speed of leading transients. It’s a great accompaniment for vocals since it can reproduce the sound of acoustic instruments and voices with great precision.

The HE1000V2 does not drive as smoothly as the Focal Utopia. This is true even when you’re using an amp that is portable, such as the Chord Hugo. It requires a quality source to be optimized and that’s the reason it’s best planar headphones to use an external DAC to get the most out of it. The HE1000V2 is unclean when it is not driven properly and loses details.

Despite its pricey pricing The HiFiMAN HE1000V2 is incredible value for money. Its combination of reference resolution, spatial imaging, and powerful bass make it an excellent option for music lovers who want to experience the full soundscape. HiFiMAN’s commitment to sound quality is evident in the HE1000V2 sound. Its slim design and comfort make it perfect for long listening sessions.

Meze Liric

The Meze Liric planar magnetic closed-back headphone has a deep wide soundstage. It’s lightweight and comfortable enough for long listening sessions. The ear pads made of leather are an alternative that is more comfortable than the standard earpads made of cloth. The copper-accented frame looks luxurious and is designed to keep heat from the listener’s ears which is useful for listening for longer periods of time. The cross-shaped pads on top of the head will also help to lessen the amount of heat that builds up. The headband is also shaped to keep the pads from hitting your ears when wearing glasses. The ear cups are designed with an angle that is slightly higher to fit your ears. This will prevent them from sliding around when you move your head. The Meze Audio Liric is a great option for active music lovers who want to experience their favourite tunes while on the move.

Meze’s collaboration with Rinaro Isodynamics continues with the Liric. It was designed to provide a new flavor for the 99 Classics series while also challenging some of the top premium closed-back headphones available on the market. The first Liric was a huge success and now this second-generation model has even more refined of Meze’s industrial design capabilities.

It’s also less expensive compared to the open-back Empyrean or Elite models. This makes it an attractive option for anyone who wants to experience the advantages of planar magnetic headphones without breaking the bank.

They’re designed with a low impedance and high sensitivity, which means they should be able drive most modern sources without any issues. They also have a closed back, which means they will block out some of the ambient noise. This is not a perfect solution in every situation since you might still hear some sounds coming from the surrounding.

The Meze Liric is characterized by a rich warmth that accentuates lower frequencies. This makes songs more enjoyable and enhances the musical details. They also have good clarity and don’t sound too synthesized or clinical. The upper mids and highs are a little too smooth for me however it’s not a problem.

Audeze LCD-XC

The LCD-XC is an open-back planar magnetic headphone that offers an impressive performance for the money. It has a large soundstage with excellent left-to-right and depth separation. It is a great imaging device and micro-detail retrieval. The high-frequency response is precise and precise, allowing for accurate playing back of music. It’s a great choice for audiophiles who are looking for headphones that combine high-end performance and portability.

The Audeze LCD-XC is distinguished by a planar magnetic design with a flat diaphragm suspended in between two magnets. This design creates an even strong magnetic field around the driver, which minimizes distortion and gives excellent accuracy. The headphone’s ear cups are also sealed to provide better isolation, preventing ambient noise. The LCD-XC’s 20mm, 106mm ohm dual-sided magnet planar magnetic drivers are very efficient, which means that the headphone can to create great sound using a low power source.

This headphone is comfortable and well-constructed. It is also comfortable to wear during long listening sessions. The earcups are cushioned, and they are perfect. The headband is constructed of powder-coated split steel and uses a vented leather pressure strap to help distribute the weight evenly. The headphone weighs 677g which can be a bit heavy after a while. However the earpads and headband are padded to ensure your comfort.

The LCD-XC headphone is stunning, but it has some limitations which make it unsuitable for some audiophiles. It has a very airy upper-treble that can be too bright for certain listeners. It could also be a bit lean on the lower midrange, which can cause problems for some listeners.

Despite these minor issues, the LCDXC is an excellent headphone for music production and critical listening. The headphone’s neutral bass response is a wonderful addition to its overall balance. It has a broad and deep stage, superb separation from left to right, and a stunning image. It also offers an excellent presentation of piano and vocals.

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