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How to Change a Subaru Spare Key

Call a locksmith if you have lost your subaru key ( Usually, they will cut a new key for you for less than the dealer.

Fob remote “push to start” intelligent keys or a standard metal key are the two most popular types of Subaru car keys. The Fob key has a chip inside and must be reprogrammed.

Keyless Entry System

The key fob can be used to lock and unlock your Subaru remotely. It can also open the trunk of your vehicle or the lift gate. These remotes function with the keypad in your car to connect to the computer system in your vehicle.

Some models of Subaru offer a little-known feature called PIN Code Access. You can make a custom number sequence to start and unlock your car. If you have a newer Subaru Forester, Outback, Crosstrek, WRX, WRX STI or Impreza which came with this feature, refer to the owner’s manual for instructions on how to use it.

If your keys stop working, there’s a good possibility that the battery inside the key fob is dead. The first thing you’ll want to check is that it has fresh batteries You can do this by using a portable remote tester or a basic multimeter in your garage.

The next step is to remove the circuit board for the transmitter from the key fob and examine it. This board will have one or two sets of eight-digit numbers, so note down the first set so you can remember it later. Once you’ve finished then put the key fob back together and you’ll be able to program it at home. This procedure is different based on the year and model of your car. However, it’s usually easy enough to do yourself.

Key Fobs

Subaru’s newest models are all equipped with key fobs that can not only open the doors but also turn on your lights, lock the gas cap, and even start your car. This last trick is particularly useful if you’ve been at a gas station and your car won’t even start because the battery in the key fob has died.

No matter if your Subaru is new or old it’s likely that the key fob can be replaced with little difficulty. It’s important to remember that the most recent models that have high levels of technological sophistication may require an outing to the dealer. With just a bit of effort and time, you can design your own replacement key fob.

Begin by opening the case, and then examining the circuit board of the transmitter. (Instructions on how to open the case are usually provided in the owner’s manual). It should contain one or two sets of serial numbers each one of which is 8 digits long. Write down the initial number series and keep it in your wallet for reference later on.

Next, climb into your driver’s seat and shut all the doors. Turn the key ten times to start your car, and then turn off the engine. Press the lock button on the key fob, then open the door to check that your doors are working properly. Close the door, then remove the key. You should hear your vehicle beep again, indicating that the key fob has been programmed.

Ignition System

The battery for Subaru key the key could be dead If your Subaru keys don’t work as they should. You can replace the key fob battery on your own if know how. A replacement battery is not expensive and easy to locate. If your key fob won’t respond to your commands, there might be another issue. It is recommended to visit a dealer to get an extra key. They can ensure that the key is genuine Subaru key, under warranty, and is programmed to your vehicle. This is a lot simpler and safer than purchasing an aftermarket key from a retailer online.

The dealer will also cut keys for you provided you provide your VIN number as well as evidence of ownership. This information will be used to code the key replacement so that it can be recognized by your immobilizer. This is a more complex process than cutting a key, and the dealer will charge you more.

Once the new key has been programmed then you’ll be able switch it to your current key. It takes just five seconds to insert the new key, so be sure to keep your working key close at the ready. You can remove the key once the security light has stopped flashing, and then test it.

Battery Replacement

Subaru fobs are extremely useful because they can switch on the sunroof and power windows in your vehicle with just one button press. The battery inside your Subaru fob isn’t intended to last forever, and it will require replacement at some point. This short guide from Capitol Subaru will help you to replace the battery yourself.

First, you’ll need to locate the small gap that separates the front and back of your keyfob. With a small screwdriver you can pop the seam open and reveal a small space inside that houses the battery. Insert the new battery and make sure it is facing the right way. Remove the old one. Once you have assembled everything and you are ready to use the new key fob for locking or unlocking your vehicle.

Always have a spare set keys, especially if one is broken or has been lost. You can purchase a replacement key at your local dealership or have it cut by locksmiths. It is crucial that your key fob is working properly as soon you can so that you can safely drive.

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