The Most Popular Mid Sleeper Bed That Gurus Use 3 Things

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Mid Sleeper Bunk Bed

A mid-sleeper is a ideal option for those who have lower ceilings and smaller bedrooms. They provide children with an enjoyable and practical alternative to a traditional single bed, whilst older children can make use of the space beneath for studying and storage.

High and mid sleepers can be used by children over the age of six. However, we recommend that they have established their sleeping habits before they start.


They are less expensive than bunk beds with high sleepers which makes them a great option for smaller bedrooms and younger children. They provide plenty of storage space underneath that can be used for an area for play or a desk. They have enough headroom to allow children to climb and descend effortlessly. Many of our models can be fitted with a trundle bed or chair bed, which allows you to convert your child’s loft to an extra sleeping area when visiting friends.

One of the main benefits of the high and mid-sleeper beds is their multi-functional furniture solutions that give your children a space to study, do homework and unwind at home. This helps them get an adequate night’s rest and encourages an active life by providing them with everything they require all in one location.

You can pick from a range of options, such as sofas and pull-out chairs to match the space and preferences of your child. Our models include a bookcase or shelving to help them keep their books and other belongings organized. There are also some with desks, which is ideal for those who want to develop their own study habits and self-reliance by working on their own in their own workspace.

Selecting a mattress that is suitable is a crucial decision in order to make sure it’s the ideal size for your child’s. This is why we recommend purchasing a high-quality foam mattress specifically made for the bed of your child. Alternately, you can make use of an existing mattress provided it’s not more than 15cm thick. We have a wide selection of mattresses for both mid and high sleeper bunk beds.


The mid sleeper bunk is situated at a moderate height. It is equipped with a sleeping area accessible via a ladder or stairway. It’s an excellent solution for children who are older than six years old, as it permits the top bunk to be used as a study or play area.

It’s a great option for small bedrooms as it maximises the floor space, without sacrificing the height of the ceiling. It’s also a great choice for small bedrooms as it maximises the floor space, without sacrificing the ceiling’s height.

A few bunk beds can be converted to smaller formats, like one bed through the use of clever extension kits. This is especially popular and an ideal choice for older children who may want a bit more space or Mid Sleeper Bunk Bed a little privacy from their younger siblings. There are other options, such as a high sleeper which is elevated higher, and the mattress is accessed via a ladder or staircase and this design is often favored by pre-teens and teenagers as it’s more grown up and can be integrated into a loft or attic space.

High and mid sleeper bunk beds are ideal for kids who like to play games and imagine. They can design their own gaming area or a secret space or even a cozy place to retreat with curtains and lights. Many beds for mid-sleepers have the trundle which can be pulled out to instantly transform the bed into an awesome sleepover bed. This is great for guests and parties on weekends!

You can pick from a high or mid sleeper bunk bed, or even a cabin-style bed. Your child will enjoy a comfortable and spacious environment to sleep in. There’s something about the excitement that comes with being able to climb up and down a ladder or a set of stairs to create a cozy and fun space that children love and this is definitely the best bed for children!


Mid sleepers or cabin beds are a great option for reducing space However, safety precautions are vital. This means that you must ensure that the ladders are sturdy and safe to use, educating youngsters how to climb up and down them properly, and ensuring that the top bunk is not to be used for play. Install a light clip on the ladder to ensure that it is visible at night.

Some beds come with a guard rail integrated into the frame, which could add an extra layer of safety for children. This is especially useful in smaller rooms where bunk beds are difficult to navigate.

It is also important to not place the bed too close to blinds (especially cords) windows, blinds, heaters or ceiling fans. The bed’s proximity to the wall can cause serious injury and entrapment. To minimize the risk, a mid-sleeper bed must be at minimum 3.5 inches from the wall.

Another crucial safety measure is to not hang anything from the railings of the guard on the top bunk. Belts, scarves and similar items could cause strangulation if a child is they are caught. This can happen very quickly and especially during the time when children are asleep.

If you’re looking to buy a mid sleeper or a cabin bed, opt for one with full-length guard rails on all sides to offer an additional barrier for your children. Don’t solely rely on the wall for an additional safety barrier. Children could be trapped between the mattress and wall and die.

Last but not least, ensure that you follow the directions for assembly and regularly check all connectors and screws to ensure that the bed is sturdy and will not wobble. Get help from an expert should you be unsure. A well-built bunk bed should last for a long time however, it’s always best to be on the safe side and not to make a mistake in regards to safety.


The great thing about a mid-sleeper bunk bed is that the space underneath can be used for play and study. In fact, many children’s mid-sleeper beds include the option of a pull-out desk in the design. This lets your child have their own personal space to work in and complete their homework projects. It also helps to encourage an appropriate balance between play and work.

Many of our mid-sleeper cabin beds come with built-in storage drawers that will help keep your child’s room tidier and neater. If you’d like your child to have more storage options, then you can select one with additional shelves or a wardrobe. The Stompa European Single Loft Bed with a built-in desk and the Louis mid sleeper cabin bed are excellent examples of this kind of bed that can be used for cabin use.

Nowadays, children have plenty. This is particularly true if they share a bedroom with an older sibling, which is why under-bed storage solutions are crucial for any home. A lot of our kids’ mid sleeper bunk beds feature under-bed storage solutions such as drawers in trundles that can be used as additional sleeping areas for visiting family members or a sofa bed that can be pulled out. This means that the space under the mid sleeper could be used for both storage as well as a sofa, which is ideal for cuddling in bed for a film or reading.

We have a wide selection of mid-sleeper bunk beds. If you’re looking for something more traditional or modern we have the ideal solution. Explore our entire collection of beds to find the ideal one for your family and you.

Contact us for any questions about our mid sleeper bunk bed range. Our team of experts are happy to assist. You can reach us on 01709 886807, mid sleeper bunk bed or send an email to We will get back to you in the shortest time possible. Thanks! Our goal is to provide the best customer service, and we’d like to hear from you. We have locations across the UK should you prefer to talk to someone in person.

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