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How to Get Key Out of Locked Car

Locking your keys in your car on a trip or if you’re late for a meeting, is not something to be laughed at. Finding out that you don’t have an option to get home can trigger panic and frustration.

When that happens it is important to remain calm and get the keys out as quickly as possible. There are a variety of ways to do this, depending on your vehicle’s model and make.

1. Push the Unlock button

When you lock your keys in your car, it could be a scary event. It doesn’t have to ruin your day or prevent you from getting where you want to be.

There are a variety of DIY ways you can use to unlock your car’s key without having to call a locksmith. These methods work for various vehicles, and Auto Keys R Us they won’t require damaging your door’s window or damaging your vehicle’s locking system.

In the beginning, you’ll must find a way to create a small gap between your door and the frame of your car. This will let you slide in a tool and pull or push one of the unlock buttons from outside your car.

For instance a coat hanger made of wire can be used to push the button of an electronic lock. You may need a tool with a hook on its end to reach the button if it’s an electronic lock.

Another option is to utilize a string or shoelace. String it around the doorknob and pull it down far enough to slip it over the button on the lock.

To reach the button, use a straight rod of metal or a bent hanger for clothes. It will take a bit of trial and error before you can find the best solution for you. Be patient and continue to try until you find it.

Depending on your vehicle it is possible to visit a certified mechanic to repair the lock or to confirm that there isn’t a serious issue with the mechanism for locking. If that’s the situation, it’s better to contact an experienced locksmith instead of attempting to get into your car by yourself.

2. Hook the Keys

It can be stressful to put your keys in your car. It could be even more stressful when you are unable to get inside your car to get your keys.

The good news is that it’s not as difficult to open a stuck key as you may think. It could be a loose lock or a sharp burr ridge, or a bend in an old key.

You can connect the key to fix the issue. This will allow you to to remove the key from the lock. There are a few different methods to accomplish this, but you’ll need to use some patience and trial-and-error to find the best solution for your particular situation.

A modified coat hanger made of wire or what’s more commonly known as a slim jim can also be used. You can unravel the hanger until one end is straight and the other hooked. Use that to lift the control arm within the door, which is attached to the rod of lock.

Once you’ve pulled up the control arm, you’ll be able to unlock the door with ease. It’s possible repeat this process several times before you’re successful, but it’s definitely worth a shot.

Another alternative is to utilize a shoelace of string. The string must be long enough to allow the lock to reach and you should place it between the car’s body and door.

This will work with different types of string that include fishing lines, twine, and shoelaces. This is a great method of not to have to pay for expensive Auto Keys R Us locksmith services. The only drawback is that it might take some time to figure out how to use the string, and it might not work with all locks.

3. Pull the Lever on the Interior Door.

It can be quite frustrating to discover that your keys are locked in your car after you attempt to enter your car. It is possible to feel panicked however there are several options you can explore to get the keys from your locked car.

To start, try to pull the Interior Door Lever. This will let the lock mechanism, allowing you to remove your keys. This is applicable for international and domestic vehicles.

Another way to open the door that is locked is to use a coat or shoelace hanger. This method works with the majority of horizontal locks, however it might not work on certain push/slider locks.

This method involves slipping the hanger for your shoe or coat between the frame and the door and then pulling upwards , while tightening and limiting the knot. It could take a while to get the hooker in the lock opening.

If you’re not able to use a shoelace you can also use a wire hanger. Simply straighten it and form it into an angular hook. Then insert it between the door and the frame to regulate the lock.

You can also create an lasso out of string and a slipknot, pushing it into the gap between your door frame and roof. While this may be difficult but it’s a reliable way to unlock doors and get your key out of locked cars.

4. Pull the Window Lever

If you’re looking to get your key from a car that’s locked, there are several different ways you can try. Some are more popular than others and are able to be used on any vehicle. If none of these methods work, you might have to break into the vehicle to steal your keys.

The window lever is the easiest and most efficient way to unlock the vehicle. Depending on the make and model of your car this method can be done from the outside or inside of the vehicle.

This method is simple to implement and requires just an end piece of string and a shoelace. Begin by removing the shoelace from your shoes and tie it into a slip knot about 5 inches from its center.

You’ll need to place one end of the shoelace by the corner of the driver side door, and the other end at the top of the window. Then, you’ll need to move the looped end of the shoelace back and forth in flossing movements until it is able to slip into the door stem.

It is likely that you will be able pull the lever for the window to get the key from your car. You could also try breaking the window to take the lock from its base. However, this can be quite abrasive and could cause damage to your car.

If you have a few friends close by, they may be able to help you open the car’s window and unlock it. They may be able use a wire coat hanger, which can be twisted into a hook and can be used as a tool in pulling the door’s locking mechanism.

5. Knot a Shoelace or Coat Hanger

It can be frightening to have your car locked up, particularly if you are on a long drive or returning from the grocery store. It can also be frustrating in the event that your keys are lost or damaged in an accident.

There are several ways to unlock the key in your car without having to call a locksmith. This could save you money over the long term.

A coat hook or shoelace is one of the easiest ways you can unlock the door to your car that is locked. This method is safe for older cars and will not cause any damage to your car, even though it sounds absurd.

To do this to accomplish this, tie a slip knot at the center of your shoelace (or another string). Make a loop around the size of your index fingers and then move the shoelace until it’s inside your car’s door.

Next, move the shoelace in a circular motion as if you’re flossing a huge tooth. This will shift the slip knot closer to your car’s lock. Then, slide the shoelace loop into the lock and pull it up to tighten it.

Although it is not foolproof, this technique is extremely effective. It’s worth a try for sure!

A cowboy-style lasso trick is also available and can be used on certain vehicles. This method involves bent a coat hanger into the shape of a hook and then inserting it between the weather stripping and your door, then locating the control arm is in the lock. You can then lasso the vertical lock and pull it up to unlock the car.

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