The Mary Rose labels objects from the Tudor warship as 'queer'

Questions ArchiveCategory: ProgrammingThe Mary Rose labels objects from the Tudor warship as 'queer'
Evan Fournier asked 2 months ago

A row has broken out after a museum adopted objects found in a sunken as being ‘queer’ in an attempt to interpret them as representing stories.The , which is dedicated to the famous ship that was raised from the depths of the Solent in 1982 after more than 400 years on the seabed, has raised eyebrows after claiming some items found in the wreckage can be viewed through a queer lens.This includes a nit comb which represents how hair is a ‘central pillar’ of queer identity, a gold ring that shows the ‘long history of queer people marrying or корисні поради viewing themselves as married’ and a mirror that ‘can bring up lots of emotions for both straight and LGBTQ+ people’. The claims have drawn scorn from historians and the wider public, with the museum itself admitting it would be ‘impossible’ to determine the sexuality or gender identity of the crew members.The

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