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How to Replace a Hyundai I10 Key Fob Battery

The hyundai keys i10 is among the most stylish and elegant mini cars on the market. Its interior is better quality than its rivals such as the Citroen C1, Volkswagen UP and SEAT Ibiza.

Hyundai’s key fob does many tasks for you, such as locking and unlocking your vehicle remotely. It also contains a mechanical key, which you can use in the event that the battery of the fob fails.

Dead Coin Battery

The key fob is a remarkable invention that lets drivers lock and start their cars without having to insert a physical key in the ignition. This is accomplished through radio frequency signals which communicate with the onboard computer of the vehicle.

The battery in the keyfob controls the communication. It will eventually wear out, and it will need to be changed. Depending on the model of your hyundai ix35 key replacement, it may or may not show an alert before the battery is dead. It is recommended to keep a spare key fob with you so that you can quickly replace the battery if it gets worn out.

After the new battery is in place, the key fob has to be reprogrammed in the car. This can be done using the Hyundai Digital Key app or an OBDII scanner. However, it’s generally easier to do at your Reno home. Follow the steps in the owner’s manual or search YouTube for “how to replace and open the hyundai spare key cost keyfob battery.” Be certain to take a photograph of the old battery, or write it down before removing it.

After the key fob has been reprogrammed, it should work again. If it isn’t working it is necessary to visit an expert for a new key or contact locksmith. They’ll have the expertise and tools to fix the issue.

Water Damage

Key fobs can be a very useful piece of technology. It lets you lock your vehicle from the comfort of your home, to roll down your windows from outside and even start your car. It’s not impervious to damage and will eventually wear out due to normal use. Fortunately, the process of replacing a Hyundai i10 key fob battery is surprisingly simple and affordable.

It’s not common to drop your key fob into an puddle, a pool or even washing machine. It is possible to save it when you act quickly. A key fob that is wet can be harmful to electronics. It can cause corrosion, short circuits, and even failure.

The first thing you need to do is try to get as much water out as possible. Shake any visible moisture out by flipping the fob. You can also use a hairdryer or place it on a radiator to speed up the drying process. After you have removed all moisture you can put the fob in a warm place where it will continue drying out for a few days.

Next, you should attempt to open up the fob and take out the battery. Most Hyundai I10 keys utilize the same type of battery used in many quartz watches, and are usually very easy to change. After you’ve replaced the battery, you should take a photo or make an outline of how the fob is placed before closing the fob.

Contact with the battery is poor

The battery on your key fob might be worn out. This is a typical issue and typically the remote starts showing signs of trouble before it gives up completely. Make sure the clips aren’t corroded, and they’re tight. If they do, clean them using the appropriate battery cleaning solution and a wire brush. Make sure you’re using a button cell that is the same voltage, [empty] size and specification of the original.

This could be a sign that your alternator isn’t functioning properly. The alternator is the part that recharges your battery when you are driving. An alternator that is not working properly will draw the battery out quickly, causing the warning light to come on.

You can determine if your Hyundai is affected by a simple voltage test. If the battery is working it’s possible the problem is with the circuit board or another part of the key fob. Press the small metal button or tab on the front or the back of the key fob to open it. After taking off the cover put in the key fob, a CR2032 and make sure to make contact with all connections.


Hyundai offers keyless entry on several of its models, making driving around Littleton, Parker, and Castle Rock, CO easier than ever. You can use the remote to start your car, open the doors, and lock them. But it’s not impervious to destruction and a broken fob can cause issues. If your Hyundai keyfob isn’t working it is possible to reprogramme it in order that it works with your vehicle.

First, you need to take the battery out. The button cell battery is typically contained in a tab made of plastic. If you decide to open the tab and replace the battery, be sure to use the same size and voltage as the old battery.

After the battery is replaced close the tab and replace retaining clips. Then, test the key fob to see whether it’s working.

If the key fob still not working, you might need to contact a locksmith or dealer. A dealer or locksmith can cut a new key as well as remote for you, and they can also program the key to work with your vehicle. They typically charge a fee to do this, but it’s worth the investment if you want your Hyundai key fob to to work. They can also help you find the best Hyundai key fob to meet your needs.

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