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Silicone Anal Plugs

Silicone anal plugged are soft to the touch. They’re also flexible and make them much easier to insert than dildos or metal butt plugs.

An anal plug made of silicone can enhance the pleasure of all types of anal plays from vaginal intercourses to BDSM power play. Just be sure to combine it with plenty of fluid!


While there are many shapes of plugs on the market however, the majority of them have a general structure that is wider at the top, and then narrows to form a “waist” where it fits against the anal sphincter muscle. This stop will stop the plug from sliding into the rectum, or the bowel, and also provides an extra sensation when the sphincter becomes activated when you play.

The shape of the base may affect how the plug feels. Plugs with bases that are round tend to rub a little between the buttocks, particularly when you move around while wearing them for extended periods of time. There are other options, like anchor-shaped bases that sit better between your cheeks and don’t rub as much. A straight base that gives the most intense stretch to anal fans.

There are several materials and shapes that can impact the play experience. Silicone is a fantastic material for kids and can provide an elasticity to play. It’s also less rigid than metal toys or glass toys. Some plugs come with interchangeable tails for added stimulation and variety. These tails are ideal for people who love playing with animals. They can elicit many different emotions while pricking your anal. Remember that a tail plug can cause pain when removed therefore, you should tug gently rather than pulling with force to avoid damaging the muscles of your anus.


Many of the butt plugs we carry come in various lengths and diameters, allowing you to explore different sensations. But it’s the circumference of the plug that can be crucial to the experience. It helps to stretch muscles of the sphincter, particularly for beginners.

The butt plug is designed to be used either by yourself or with a partner. Both of you can benefit from the different types of stimulation that are provided by the anal. The anal is filled with sensitive nerve endings that respond to temperature play, pressure, friction and anal plug other types of stimulation, which can make for an experience that is truly unique.

If you are new to the idea of anal play we suggest starting small and gradually working your way up to longer and thicker toys. We suggest that you lubricate the toy as well as your anus thoroughly before you begin. You can apply either a silicone lube or water-based sex application tool, just make sure that the toy and your anus are compatible before you start exploring.

There are also butt plug starter kits, which are an excellent way to introduce yourself to this type of play. These kits come with multiple butt plugs in various sizes, so you can gradually advance to bigger and more robust toys. A lot of these toys are also compatible with vibrations, so you can boost your enjoyment by adding that extra bit of excitement.


Silicone is a body-safe material that can be moulded to fit the shape of your anus, and it is commonly employed in butt plugs as it’s warm and soft. However, this doesn’t mean you have to pull it sharply when removing it from your anus. It’s better to ease it out of the socket slowly, particularly if you’re new to butt plugs.

Many silicone plugs have scent or texture to increase pleasure. They also offer sensations aside from warmth. Some are studded, ribbed or have small nubs which can be grasped to provide the anal with more stimulation. Some are vibrating and add another dimension to the play.

Glass and glass-like substances are an excellent material for butt plugs because they’re durable and are sanitized easily. They come in a variety of colors, and Anal plug some even have jewels to give them a unique touch.

If you are new to anal insertions it is recommended to begin by using a kit with several sizes. This will let you to gradually work your way up. These kits typically include tiny kunai-shaped snubs that are perfect for beginners and an anchor base that stops them from sliding into your rectum.

Metal butt plugs are also an excellent choice, as they are less prone to friction and grip than silicone and don’t have to be worn with lube. Some are even made from stainless steel which is the strongest and strongest material that is available for sex toys that fit in the butt.


There are a variety of styles and colors that are available. There are also butt plugs that come with additional bumps or ridges that provide stimulation. In addition, silicone toys warm up to the body, and then they mold to it, making them less as intense than metal or glass plugs.

While a silicone anal-plug may feel gentler to the touch than stainless steel or borosilicate glass anal piercings, it is a medical device and should always be handled with care. Consult your doctor if you have any questions. For example, if you have hemorrhoids or constipation you should stay clear of butt plugs since they can make these conditions more severe.

Anal plugs should be paired with lubricant as the anus is not able to self-lubricate. A little lube will make the insertion process go more fluidly, and will also help you to remain at ease when playing with your anal plug.

Some plugs have tails that are interchangeable which means you can alter them to fit your fantasies. You can also experiment with different sizes and animal-themed heads to make your anal plugs more enjoyable. Be sure to wash your anal plugs with soap and water, at least 20 minutes of scrub time after every use. This will stop bacteria and other germs from developing on your anal plugs.

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