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Why Buy a Washer Dryer Integrated?

The integrated washer dryers are perfect for households that don’t have the space for separate appliances. They are concealed behind an open cabinet door in the kitchen to keep your house neat and tidy.

Look out for models with energy ratings of A or above to help reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint. You may be interested in a model that comes with features like Steam Refresh, which uses steam to refresh clothes and reduce annoying creases.

Space-saving ingenuity

If you don’t have enough space to accommodate two large appliances or have an area that is small for a utility, a washer-dryer integrated is an ideal solution for your laundry needs. These washers combine functions to wash and dry in one appliance. They can be tucked away behind a cabinet’s panel and are able to be tucked away under counters. You’ll reduce space and the number of trips you make to the laundry room.

This selection includes vented and condensation models so you can choose the right washer dryer for your home. You’ll need a hose to vent a vented machine outside. The latest condensing machines don’t need this as the water that remains evaporates inside the drum.

Our integrated washer dryers come with a range of useful features. These include quick wash and rinse cycles that could reduce your time spent doing the chore by as much as 50 percent. They also have variable temperature settings, meaning you can choose the right setting for your load size and Eco Mode helps to keep your energy costs low.

Some of our models come with smart connectivity, which lets you remotely control your machine through an app. They also have SteamCure, which uses steam at the end of the cycle to reduce creases and help your clothes look better. We’ve also included a selection of energy efficient washer dryers integrated washer in our range that are rated ‘A’ for energy efficiency and are more friendly to the environment.


The convenience of washer dryer integrated appliances is why they are a preferred option for modern homes, especially those with a limited space. By combining washing and drying functions in one appliance, you will save time, energy and even money. You don’t need to switch machines each day or carry heavy loads of laundry. We have a broad selection of washer dryers that integrate to fit any home including models from the top brands such as Hotpoint and Bosch.

The most important thing to consider for anyone considering buying a new washer dryer is the capacity to load that is the amount of clothes the machine can accommodate simultaneously. It’s contingent on how many people reside in your house, but we recommend choosing a larger capacity machine to speed up drying and washing time.

Our selection of washer dryers with integrated features offers many features that will make your life easier, including smart functions like Fast Wash cycles and sensors that measure the amount of dirt present and automatically adjust settings. There are also options like steam refresh and smart connectivity that lets you control your appliance with an app for your smartphone.

For those who live in homes with limited space, premium we have models designed to fit into 60cm wide spaces beneath counters or between cabinets They can also be hidden behind a kitchen door for a sleek finish to your kitchen’s fitted design. Pick a model that has an A-rated rating for energy efficiency to lower your energy bills and also be considerate of the environment.

Integrated washer dryers are great for homes with restricted space, since they combine front loading washer and tumble dryer in a single appliance. The flat front design allows you to connect your kitchen cabinet doors directly to the dryer that is integrated and give your kitchen a modern look. We offer a variety of models from reputable brands, so you can be confident that you’re getting quality and reliability with your new appliance. If you’re concerned about the installation, we recommend asking an expert for help since the process could be complex and time-consuming if done correctly.

Energy efficiency

They are ideal for families or couples that share a house and have limited space but are looking to cut down on water and energy bills. They use condenser technology which allows drying clothes without having access to the outside for deal the air to escape from the heated and also allow you to manage your appliance remotely through an app or via the internet. They are quieter than those that stand alone and they can be used in smaller spaces because they can be hidden behind doors to cabinets.

It’s worth checking the energy rating when you’re looking for a new integrated dryer and washing machine. All appliances must show their energy rating on an EU label, ranging from A to G, and it’s best to choose a model with the highest rating possible, as this will ensure that your electricity costs remain low.

In addition to the energy efficiency, you can also consider the washing capacity of a washer dryer integrated. The bigger the drum, the more your can wash in a single cycle and this will decrease the number of wash cycles that you need to complete over the course of time. A larger drum will also let you dry more in one cycle, which will cut down on drying times and utility bills.

Think about a washer-dryer integrated that has eco-friendly features. For example the Hotpoint BiWDHG861485UK comes with an A rating for energy efficiency and utilizes cold fill to reduce the need for heating water. This will allow you to reduce your expenses and be more gentle on your laundry, especially if you’re using biological detergents that work better at lower temperatures.

Other eco-friendly options include the AEG L7WE7631BI 7000 Series washer dryer integrated which comes with an outstanding anti-stain feature that works to eliminate stubborn stains by attacking them by using oxygen and heat. Another useful feature is the SteamCure setting, which makes use of steam at the end of a cycle to loosen the fibers and help you iron your clothes. This function can be utilized to refresh your clothes quickly without the need for a thorough wash.


The Hotpoint BI WDHG-961485 UK integrated washer-dryer features innovative Anti-Stain technology that removes the majority of everyday stains, without pre-treating it, thereby saving you time and effort. It also eliminates allergens like cat pollen, dog, or cat so that your family and you will feel clean and fresh. Steam Refresh, which introduces steam into the drum at the conclusion of the cycle to refresh your clothes, and the Steam-Relaxed Crease function are both beneficial features.

Integrated washer dryers can also be called built-in tumble dryers as well as washing machines. They are designed to fit inside the cabinets of your kitchen for a sleek and elegant design. This is ideal for homes with little space. The flat front design means that they can be paired with a door panel for your cupboard to conceal them from the eye and create a neat sleek look for your home.

You can also choose a semi-integrated washer tumble dryer washer dryer that allows you to see the control panel even when the machine is opened. This option is ideal for families with children in the home, and it will keep curious fingers from the controls. Our selection of washer dryers that are integrated is available in a variety of sizes to meet your laundry requirements. There are options that have capacity that can handle a large 8kg load, making it easier to handle a daily laundry of 40 shirts. Remember to measure the area the item will be placed in and any narrow spaces or hallways which you will need to pass through in order to install it. Floor guides made of plastic, which can be purchased on the internet for a few pounds will aid in avoiding scratching or marking floors when moving it.

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