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Inset Electric Fire

Modern inset electric fireplace with storage fires offer a sleek, cheap Electric Fire minimalist aesthetic that is suitable for contemporary homes. They can be incorporated into new or existing fireplaces, openings and suites.

Many of these units come with adjustable temperature settings. If you’re looking for a cozy space or a secondary heat source, these fires will provide just that.

Easy to install

Inset electric fireplaces are a great option to upgrade your fireplace without the need to invest in masonry work. These fireplaces are designed to fit into existing or new recesses, without the necessity of a chimney, and can be put in a traditional fireplace suite or in a wall with a dedicated cavity. It’s easy to set up, and most homeowners can do it. But, you must be sure to follow the directions carefully to avoid making mistakes. If you aren’t sure of your ability to complete the installation, you should consider hiring the help of an expert.

Before you install an electric fire free standing fire inset it is crucial to be aware of the dimensions of the recess you will be fitting it into. This will ensure that the fire fits correctly and will ensure security and aesthetics. To do this, you should take a measurement (or employ a professional to measure) the width and height of the opening. It is important to take into account any clearance space that may be required, such as around the vents.

Once you have your measurements, you can select an inset electric fireplace that is appropriate for your home. There are a variety of finishes and styles available, so you’ll be able to locate one that suits your home. Inset electric fires can be designed to look like traditional fireplaces, while others have a modern minimal design. They come with a variety of fuel beds that include glass beads, pebbles or coals.

Inset electric fires are easy to maintain. You can clean them using a damp towel to get rid of any dust or dirt, and they can be connected to an electrical supply without difficulty. Most models have a handy remote control that makes it easy to operate. This allows you to modify the settings of your fire, alter the heat and flame effect, and more. Some even have timers which can save you energy by allowing your fire to automatically turn on when you get home.

Dimplex offers a wide range of options for inset electric fireplaces. Their selection includes the most well-known models available, and their customer service is unmatched. They will guide you through the process and give any assistance you require.


Inset electric fires, which don’t need a chimney or flue are among the most efficient on the market. They use a small amount of electricity to create a realistic flame effect, and they keep the room warm. They’re also safer than gas fireplaces because they don’t emit any smoke or open flames.

Inset electric fireplaces are available in a variety of finishes and styles from traditional to the contemporary. The best choice for your home will depend on the way you plan to use your fireplace and the amount of heat you require. If you want to heat up an extensive area you’ll require an even larger appliance. For smaller spaces, a compact appliance is better.

Choosing an inset electric fire that has LED lights can aid in reducing your energy usage. LED lights are more efficient than traditional bulbs, and last longer. Additionally, many electric fires have the option of a remote control that makes it easy to adjust the settings. You can also set the fire to a ‘flame-only mode, which does not generate any heat, but instead will just illuminate the flames for a more stylish look.

Inset fires are simpler to maintain than fireplaces that burn wood. They don’t require maintenance or cleaning of chimneys and are more mobile than freestanding fireplaces. You can even take them with when you move houses, which is a great option for tenants who can’t drill holes into the wall.

There is also a fire inset that matches the surround of your fireplace. The Ezee Glow Pulse, for example, is designed to fit inside a traditional 16″x22″ fireplace opening. It has a choice of two heat functions and comes with a spacer kit that permits it to be mounted as a flat wall-mounted fire.

Installing an inset fire may be tricky and you may need to hire an expert to help with the installation. They’ll make sure your fire is properly fitted and wired in and can also move power sockets closer to the fire to ensure safety.


Inset electric fires are designed to fit in an opening in a fireplace that is standard or a hole in the wall, and are available in a variety of options to match your decor. You can pick an open-fronted glass model which is sleek and modern, or a fully built-in version with an insert design that provides an elegant accent to the overall design. Some models allow you to select the fuel bed that’s best suited to your needs.

The Be Modern Avella is one of our most popular inset fireplaces. It comes with a stunning, crystal fuel bed with five different settings for flame brightness. Available in black nickel, brushed steel or matt black electric fire. It fits most fireplace openings. Other inset electric fires come with an authentic log fuel bed and a variety of heating settings, making them adaptable enough to fit into any interior design scheme.

The design and dimensions of your house, as well as the style you prefer will determine your choice. If you’re looking to revamp your existing free standing fireplace electric or create a focal point for an entirely new space there’s an inset electric fire for every space and taste.

There are a variety of inset fires to meet your specific needs, including flueless and gas inset fires. inset fires. Inset fires that are flueless do not require any chimney or flue and are able to remove their own smoke through advanced technology. You can also choose a wall-mounted fireplace that can be set in a flush position against the wall if you prefer a minimalist aesthetic.

A fireplace with an inset is a great option for any home, as it is easy to install and provide a stunning and practical heating solution. The remote control makes it easy to alter the temperature of the fire. Most electric inset fires have multiple heat settings and a variety of flame effects options that allow you to enjoy them all year round.

Sussex Fireplace Gallery offers a large electric fireplace selection of inset electric fireplaces that provide a simple and versatile option to upgrade any living space. We offer a variety of styles and sizes that will suit any home and our experts are happy to assist you in finding the ideal solution. For expert advice visit our showrooms in Eastbourne and Brighton.

Easy to use

An inset electric fire is the perfect way to create an element of interest to any room. It’s easy to use, easy to install, and provides a lot of warmth and ambience without needing a chimney or hearth. It’s also energy efficient and versatile and comes with a variety of fuel beds that add realism. We are proud to offer an extensive selection of cheap electric fire fireplaces that are inset to suit every design and style.

Electric inset fireplaces can be built in a wall, recessed space, or even the wall itself, removing the need for a separate hearth. This creates a more modern design and is especially suitable for homes with a limited space. It is important to note that the depth of the wall is crucial for this kind of installation. It is essential to measure the space available since a wall with a high level of depth might not be able to accommodate an inset fireplace.

Unlike traditional stoves, an inset electric fire doesn’t produce any emissions, making it an environmentally friendly choice for the modern home. The flame effect can be turned off to decrease energy consumption. However, it’s important to remember that an electric inset fire is not designed to be an primary source of heat.

For an electric fireplace to last, it is essential to keep it clean. This is especially true for families with pets or children who could be in contact with the flames. To prevent this from happening, you should regularly clean the metal and glass surfaces on your inset electric fireplace. In addition you should periodically examine the bulbs to ensure they’re working properly.

If you aren’t sure about putting in an electric fire, it is always recommended to speak with an experienced professional. A qualified electrician will help you make the most of your electric fire and will also assist with any electrical work that you may need to do in your home. We are extremely proud of the staff at Sussex Fireplace Gallery and their expertise in this field. We would be happy to offer friendly advice and guidance.

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