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The Benefits of Braintree Double Glazing

Double glazing is a great method to improve the energy efficiency of your Braintree home more energy-efficient. It offers many advantages, including decreasing heat loss, noise reduction and draughts.

Selectaglaze has a long-standing history of working on conservation projects. We are aware of the challenges that come with listed and historic buildings. For instance, Upvc Window Replacement Near Me Braintree we collaborated with Braintree Town Hall to install secondary glazing from timber in their wood panelled rooms.

Energy Efficiency

double glazed window pane replacement braintree glazing is an expression that has been used since the beginning. It refers to windows with two or more glass panes in a sealed unit. This type of upvc window replacement near me braintree comes with the main benefit of decreasing heat loss through the glass, and also reducing a home’s energy costs.

This is accomplished by placing an argon gas pocket between the two glass panes, so that heat doesn’t escape as quickly as it would if there were only one pane of glass. This, in conjunction with the additional layer made of material, significantly improves the level of insulation.

In addition to reducing amount of heat that houses lose, energy efficient windows also improve the overall quality of the interior space. This is due to the fact that they minimize the amount of harmful ultraviolet radiations that enter homes through windows. And this is especially beneficial when it comes to protecting flooring, fabrics, and other design elements that might be affected by these rays.

Furthermore double glazing that is energy efficient can enhance the safety of the home by making it harder for burglars to break through the windows. This, combined with the decreased sound that is produced by the windows, makes the home more secure and safe to live in.

Another major benefit of energy efficient windows is that they are able to increase the value of your home. They are more energy efficient than conventional windows, and many towns and cities offer tax credits for homeowners who install them.

Additionally, many people are unaware that a variety of design features can make windows more energy efficient. Frames made of wood or vinyl hold heat better than metal frames, while frames with spacers for warm edges can reduce heat transfer around the edges.

A combination of the frame material, glazing or glass features, gas-filled spacers, gas fills, and the type of operation determine the energy-related properties of the entire window. To learn more about the energy-related characteristics of a particular window, make use of an online tool, such as the GGF Energy Savings Calculator.

Reduced Noise

Braintree Double Glazing is able to dramatically reduce outside noise. Better windows allow you to rest better, no matter what the outside noises are.

The thickness of the glass used to create your acoustic window will make huge differences. There are many different types of soundproof glass that are available however, if you’re looking to ensure that your double-glazed windows work effectively for sound reduction it is recommended to select high-performance laminated acoustic glazed. This glass is composed of an extremely thin layer (PVB) of polyvinylbutyral (PVB) that dampens the sound.

Acoustic laminated glass could also include a special film to it that reduces noise and allow solar energy to penetrate your home. This is especially beneficial in areas such as town centres, where buildings can become noisy and crowded.

Another reason double glazed windows are a good option for your home is the fact that they will increase security. Double-glazed windows are much more resistant to breaking than single-glazed windows, making it more difficult for anyone to gain access to your property in the event that they are broken.

Furthermore, if you’re seeking an upgrade which will significantly increase the market value of your house in the long-term, then double glazed windows are a good investment. Double glazed windows will give you a lot of value for your money as they can lower your energy usage and heating costs.

When it comes to energy efficiency, double glazed windows are an excellent way to reduce the amount you spend on energy bills each month. This is because they can stop loss of heat through the gaps between the two panes of glass, thus retaining more warm air in your home and reducing energy costs.

Draughts Reductions

Draught proofing the windows in your Braintree home will reduce the amount of heat lost from the property and reduces your energy bills and keeping your home warmer. The savings in energy will differ based on the size of your windows as well as how often you use them.

Double glazing that is energy-efficient will have a low U-value and a high overall rating. This means it’s more effective at keeping cold air out and hot air out. It also has an extremely low rate of condensation, which means that it isn’t as susceptible to mould and other issues.

Secondary glazing is a great option for older homes as it enhances the home’s thermal efficiency without altering the appearance. It is ideal for listed buildings and those located in conservation areas as it reduces noise, insulation, and reduces heating costs.

Selectaglaze was approached by a Grade II* listed building in Braintree to install secondary glazing made of timber that would complement the wood panelled rooms. They designed a piece of aluminium secondary glazing with a timber grain look which was well-integrated with the interior.

The final product was fitted into 20 vertical sliding units that were custom-made to achieve airtightness, reducing the loss of heat and draughts. The client was pleased with the result and the work was carried out without affecting the original windows or frames.

Increased Property Value

The most effective way to increase the value and efficiency of your Braintree home, is to replace your old windows with more modern ones. Double and triple-glazed windows that have a high U-value are the best option, since they can aid in reducing the cost of heating and your carbon footprint. The new and energy efficient windows installed on your property could make a a huge difference to the overall feel of your home, as well as making it more comfortable for upvc window replacement near me braintree your family.

Another excellent way to boost the energy efficiency of your Braintree home is to install a secondary window that doubles up as a draught excluder. This is especially useful when you reside in an older home and have sash windows, as they’re not as draught proof as more modern homes. This is because older windows with sash have a tiny rebate which allows air to leak easily from the side panels. This can be a problem especially if you live in more chilly UK conditions. The best way to deal with this is to draught proof your sash windows using fineo glass. It is a unique double-glazing system that gives the thermal performance of a conventional triple-glazed unit without the weight or size of a typical window.

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