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Miriam Scoresby asked 2 years ago

Hi! When I click server–> save to tableau public, I get an error every single time telling me this: 
The Tableau server you are publishing to does not permit external databases connections. Use the Data menu to create an extract for the following data sources:
Data Extract for the following data sources. 
Does anyone know what this means and what I’m doing wrong? Thanks! 

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Jared answered 2 years ago

Go to the DATA tab in the bottom left of Tableau and then you will see ‘extract’ and ‘live’ on the top right. Switch to the other one (I forgot which it is by default) and try again.

Mark Hanson replied 2 years ago

I don’t see data on the bottom left. There is a “data” tab on the top of the workbook, but it doesn’t contain the options you described. Is this for the desktop Tableau application?

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