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Mark Hanson asked 3 years ago

Two Questions:
To clarify, the Tabluea chart requirement for the final says “For the most profitable category, forecast sales”. Is this the most profitable category across all 50 states? Or just the most profitable category of the state the last two charts were dealing with?
I have tried the three most profitable categories across all 50 states and always get a flat line for my forecast. If I change the Forcast Model to Custom with an Additive Trend and Seasonality,  the forecast line no longer is flat. Should I leave the Forcast Model on Automatic and have a flat forecast? Or should I use a Custom Forcast Model with Additive Trend and Seasonality?

2 Answers
Shayna answered 3 years ago

It’s up to you. We’re generally not very picky about the flat forecast, as long as you have the forecast.

Samantha answered 2 years ago

The requirements now say for the most profitable state. I just want to clarify- it is ok if the forecast is flat? There aren’t enough data points to make a normal forecast unless I zoom out to the US as a whole. Is it ok to have that flat line? 

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