Autumn Potter asked 2 years ago

Hello, Maybe it is just me, but every time I have come to the TA Lab, I always have to wait at least 2 hours, usually more-to get my questions answered. Is this a normal time span? Plus, when I go sometimes the TA scheduled to work aren\\\’t actually there and it says \\\”0 active\\\” but it says there should be multiple, I am just hoping my computer isn\\\’t glitching and not letting. me sign up correctly which in turn means it takes a lot longer to get help. 

brordak replied 4 days ago

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James Gaskin answered 2 years ago

Sorry to hear that. I’ve talked with my TAs about this and hopefully we’ll get this resolved. The TA lab is often empty the day before major assignments and tests are due, but then packed for the whole afternoon and evening on those due dates. One of the things my TAs are planning to do is to try to have two or three TAs working the final 10 hours before something big is due. Something students can do to ensure they don’t have to wait as long is to do the assignment one day early. I know this isn’t always possible, but if possible, it will be much smoother. 

Autumn D. Potter replied 2 years ago

Thank you so much Brother Gaskin! I will work on doing my work earlier! Thanks for responding.

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