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Breanna McDonald asked 3 years ago

There is only one TA in the lab, and it is the day a project is due. I understand that it is easier if you try to do your project earlier, but because of working and other classes, I have to prioritize things as they are due. I’ve been in the queue for a couple hours now and there is only one TA, and they are spending 10-20 minutes with each person. There are about 70 people in the lab total right now. Just thought I’d give some feedback on what is going on. 

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Jared answered 3 years ago

Hopefully this issue has been addressed adequately with the message that has been sent out recently explaining the TA situation and how it may feel like we are ignoring our students. We are also students and we try our best to get into the lab when we are available especially on dates that have projects due.
You did acknowledge perfectly that if possible it really is best to get the projects completed before the day it is due. The whole course is open and you are free to work ahead as you desire so if you have some free time, you have the option to work ahead and then you will never have a situation like the one you were in. Hope that this helps.

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