RaAnna D Cahoon asked 3 years ago

How do we determine which variable to focus on to improve a different, specified variable? For example, the HW asks \”Which variable should I focus on if I want to improve productivity?\” and I am thinking burnout because it has the highest correlation. I am not super confident and want to make sure I am not thinking of this backwards. Do we want to choose the one with the weakest correlation in order to make it stronger, or stick with the strong correlation?

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Shayna answered 3 years ago

In this case, relationship and correlation are synonymous. The question is, what variable, if changed, would impact productivity the most? If you reduce burnout, will that affect productivity more or less than the other variables? Would a variable with a strong correlation affect productivity more or less than a variable with a weak correlation? We want to know which variable would affect productivity the most if changed?

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