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Tim asked 2 years ago

How do you start a list in VBA. I am trying to do the HW problem where it asks to list numbers 1-25. I am getting it to show up in the immediate window but not the sheet.
Among other tries, this is my current code and it is not working but I can’t figure out what I need to do.
Sub dountil()
Dim n As Integer

Set therange = Range(Range(“A1”), Range(“A1”).End(xlDown))
n = 1
Do Until n = 26

n = n + 1

End Sub

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Tamilyn Hogan answered 2 years ago

Your loop looks good, just use Cells with your n value as the row parameter to set the value of a Cell(1, n) (for example) to be equal to n and that should print each number 1 – 25.

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