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How to Choose the Best Chest Freezers UK

If you’re cooking meals in batches or storing food from the allotment, a chest freezer is a great way to save money on food purchases and avoid waste. Consider a model that has a counterbalanced top that stays open as you browse through the contents. Also, think about the option of fast-freezing for an extra boost of cooling power.


If you’re looking to buy a chest freezer, you’ll be interested to know that the size of the freezer can play a role in its energy efficiency. It is essential to measure before making a purchase so that you can be sure it will fit in the space you have. If you have limited space, you should consider a compact freezer that is designed to be discreet.

They are typically smaller and taller than average fridge freezers. They are also smaller in dimensions. Pick a model with the capacity to store more frozen food items simultaneously. The LG 2522L Chest Freezer is a good example of this, thanks to its spacious interior that can accommodate up to 10 bags of shopping. It comes with dual cooling, which means you can use it as a freezer or a cooler. It also features the ability to quickly freeze that makes it easy to freeze items quickly.

As with all freezers, it is important to examine the energy ratings prior to making a final decision. In the ideal scenario, you should search for a model that bears an Energy Star label. This label signifies that the model is in compliance with the minimum energy standards, and will lower your heating expenses. The average sized freezer will consume approximately 230 kWh annually to keep it cold and cost about PS70 a year to run.

Look for a counterbalanced lid in a chest freezer. It will open at an angle you choose and won’t shut unexpectedly. This can be especially useful if you’re loading up an entire shopping cart or for people who have trouble bending over to access their food items.

A quieter sound output is another fantastic feature. This makes the freezer less raucous and is crucial if it’s going to be placed in a living room or open-plan area. Certain freezers come with LED lighting inside which can be useful when you’re trying to find food in the dark. Select a model with a built-in mode to automatically defrost your freezer. This will save you even more on electricity costs.


Capacity is an important factor when deciding on a new refrigerator. The top chest freezers UK are designed to offer a generous amount of storage, so you can store all your favorite frozen foods and avoid needing to regularly visit the store. These freezers are also great for those with little space since they are often smaller than upright models.

It is important to understand that gross and net space are two different things. Gross capacity is the total area within the freezer, including any insulation material. Net capacity is the amount of storage space, which is less when there is defrosted food or water in the appliance. Find chest freezers that have an energy rating A or higher. This will help lower your electricity costs and reduce the impact on the environment.

A frost-free or manual defrosting model is another option to think about. Most budget models require manual defrosting, however, more expensive models could feature automatic defrosting. Some brands have a drain built-in which makes it easier to remove the ice.

If you’re looking for a cheap chest freezer, Fridgemaster and Hotpoint have many options to fit any budget. If you want something larger, Beko or Zanussi offer large chest freezers that can fit the entire family’s shopping, saving you time and money.

If you’re a bit of a phobia of bending down to pick up items from the bottom of the freezer, it’s worth looking for a black chest freezer freezer with a handy internal light and lid that is counterbalanced. This will make it easier to sort through your shopping bags and ensure that your back doesn’t get sore when you’re searching for buried frozen ice cubes. To give you extra security some freezers come with a red warning sign and maintain a constant temperature for 24 hours in the event of a power cut.

Energy efficiency

Look for models that have high energy efficiency ratings when choosing a chest-freezer. They will have lower power consumption and therefore lower operating costs than upright freezers. Take a look at the annual energy consumption figure, usually shown in kWh to know how much a model will cost to operate. You can also check a freezer’s energy efficiency rating by looking at the specifications of the product or in the user manuals.

As a general rule chest freezers are known to be more efficient than upright freezers due to the fact that they have a smaller footprint, allowing them to be smaller and to provide more storage space. They’re also ideal for storage of larger items, such as awkwardly shaped boxes or bags of food items.

The range of chest freezers for garages we offer includes small, square models which can be placed in a corner of the kitchen or utility room. We also have larger models with 500+ litres, which are ideal for larger families or commercial use. You can also find chest freezers designed to keep precise temperatures of -30oC or less. This is usually required to protect laboratory equipment and other delicate contents.

A chest freezer can be an excellent investment for those looking to store lots of food items and eliminate the necessity of frequent trips to the store. It’s important to keep in mind that not all freezers work the same. Choose a brand that you trust, and then compare the features of various freezers to find one that meets your requirements.

Currys own-brand model is a good option if you need more space, but can’t afford one of the cheapest chests freezers available. It’s not as large as some of the less expensive options, but it’s still a great value at less than PS200. It’s also garage-friendly with an accessible front door that can be locked and plenty of internal storage space for large purchases. It has low frost tech which means it doesn’t have to be defrosted as often as other freezers. You can also find a variety of other affordable models from other trusted white products brands on our site.


A chest freezer is a great solution for those looking to store lots of frozen foods in one place. It can be costly to operate these freestanding appliances, therefore, you should pick an energy-efficient model. Choose models that are A+ energy-rated or higher to ensure that your electric bills remain low.

Another thing to think about when choosing a freezer is how much space you will need. In general, chest freezers have larger capacities than upright freezers, and some come with additional space to accommodate larger items like turkeys. They are also more durable because they don’t have glass door, which could be damaged easily.

It is essential to know the capacity of the chest freezer in cubic feet or litres. This will help you determine if the freezer is enough to satisfy your needs. But, it’s also crucial to consider the net capacity, which is the actual amount of space that you can use to store food items.

It isn’t easy to arrange your food items and other items in a chest freezer, since it does not come with drawers. Look for models with wire storage baskets that will allow you to separate your food into smaller portions. They can be particularly useful for storing small, easy-to-lose items like ice creams and frozen veg.

A chest freezer that has an inside light lets you be able to see the contents clearly. Make sure you choose a counterbalanced lid that doesn’t shut when you add more food. Also, consider models with locks, which will stop children from getting your ice cream store or deter burglars from stealing your ice cream in less secure outbuildings. Some models also come with alarms and lights that activate when the temperature of the freezer starts to rise.

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