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Chris Butcher is one of 4 engineering leads at Bungie Studios who have been answerable for overseeing the creation of the smash hit “Halo 2.” If you have read our article on the A.I. Halo 2 then you definately already know that Chris is a very smart dude. When i visited Bungie on November 3rd I actually had an opportunity to sit down down with Chris twice. Considered one of the biggest variations between “Halo 2” and the original “Halo” is that “Halo 2” can be played over Xbox Stay. In order to tug that off, Bungie needed to create a new method to community Halo multiplayer matches over the Web. This accountability fell largely on Chris’ shoulders. So, what had to be done to put ‘Halo 2’ on Dwell? Halo 1 was a network sport because you can play it over the LAN (Local Space Network) with System Hyperlink. That was a really successful part of it.
The thing that we really wished to do for ‘Halo 2’ was to take that and extend the network mannequin to the Web so that you can play over Xbox Stay. What which means is that when you’ve got some number of functions and totally different situations of software running on completely different machines. On this case, the sport is on 4 Xboxes. These machines are all running the same game simulation and the sport simulation is deterministic. That implies that if you should you present the simulation with the identical inputs then it should produce the same outputs if you run all that code. We use that reality to leverage the multiplayer sport. Now our game runs at 30 ticks per second, because NTSC is 60 hertz. 30 frames per second. Each time we run the game, the machine samples what the players are doing in the sport at that second. It then sends that information about what the gamers inputs are in the sport simulation to the all other machines. So the state of the world is maintained constantly across the machines. You actually can Chris, you definitely can.
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