Christian asked 3 years ago

Maybe I’m the only one, but I’m just a bit confused on what the purpose is of the ‘slides’ found in the content tab. Are we supposed to study those as well?

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Rebecca answered 3 years ago

The purpose of those slides is to have an additional resource for the information you will study in MyEducator. There is no need to download any lecture slides throughout this class. Your best course of action is to paste all the key terms and concepts into a note, read the chapter (in MyEducator) and as you go paste the definitions with their respective term from the list and write notes about the concepts, and finally review quickly and take the quiz. The videos within the readings are probably the most helpful part of the course (especially in later chapters) so be sure to watch those as you read.

Cole answered 3 years ago

The lecture slides are just an additional resource for you to learn the material. They are not required to use but can be helpful. All the information you need can be found in the MyEducator textbook. Focus on learning the key terms and concepts found at the beginning of each section. 

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