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Spencer Schwartz asked 3 years ago

Hey I just wanted to get some advice on scheduling time for this course. I just watched the intro video and it mentioned that one chapter is typically one day? Is that correct? And if so, what would you say the recommended time allotment for the class should be? Three 1 hour blocks? Something like a Mon/Wed/Fri? I know the class is all open so we can work at our own pace, but just wanted to know if you had any recommendations for a good pace to keep up with the schoolwork (: Thanks for the help!

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James Gaskin answered 3 years ago

This will definitely depend on the student and on the chapter. Some chapters (like the first few that are just conceptual) can be zipped through. The programming chapters are a bit harder, but only if you’ve never programmed before. I do recommend scheduling a time to do the work if you can. That would ensure it gets done. Then, if you get done early, all the better. 

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